George Gill Interview

He's a analytics guru!


About George Gill (

The founder of GILL Media, and GILL Solutions Management Group of Companies, George over the last 20 years has developed multiple companies into successful businesses always focusing on the utilisation of technology, the best people and marketing to spearhead growth.

George’s greatest passion is understanding businesses, challenges and the needs required to be successful. Through this passion over the last two decades with his hands on approach, application of technology and love for helping people succeed, George has applied what he has learned into helping thousands grow and develop their own successful businesses.

9 thoughts on “George Gill Interview

  1. Excellent interview. Interesting. I always set goals and write plans for everything I do – but have never input them into Google Analytics as I don’t know how. Will have to “figure that one out”. Then… learning how to use segments sounds like a brilliant way to analyze if my actions are actually making a difference. I just have a hard time understanding my spikes in hits in a day right now. Why did I get 1800 hits today, and only 600 yesterday… sometimes I can find the reason, and sometimes I cannot.
    Just thinking out loud.

  2. Great video. I totally agree that in order to succeed in the future (and NOW) as a company that does web design; is that you can no longer think or sell yourself as a web design firm. You must have a team that understands online business (in all its forms and access points) so that you begin to build your client’s business and not merely sell theme a new look.

    ansleyRDgroup strives to help our clients become successful online by building strategic online platforms that are an asset, not a liability to their business.

    I also love the quote in this video “you can’t have a system without a goal in mind”. That is so true, while we may not need to measure everything, we have to at least measure something!

    Jason Ansley
    Building Strategic Business

  3. Iā€™m getting more GA projects ā€“ clients (the 87%) are more interested than they used to be in having useful data ā€“ so am always on the lookout for advice. The system approach is helpful once we’ve identified what is worth following, but I tell my clients that the first month is purely exploratory. We never know which data points are going to tell a valuable story, so we look at many of them until a picture emerges.

    Thanks for the program. Would be great to see a case study as well….

  4. Hello,

    I saw the pop up but it didn’t do anything to get me to facebook! So I cannot connect and I cannot get the three interesting books.

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    • Hey Chris – that’s because you’re already in our database!

      I’ll get those ebooks to you shortly.

      And thanks for the heads up šŸ™‚

  5. Hi troy, brilliant interview, very interesting, the last minute, when he tells us about segmenting, wont play. Yikes.

    • Hey Kevin,

      Video works fine for me – try it again – it’s worth it.

      Thanks for the kind words.

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