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I’m very excited to share with you a new feature in the Video User Manuals plugin that will be released in version 2.2.2 which by the time you are watching this video, will be out and ready for you to download and start using.  There are some bug fixes in this version, but more importantly there is a very cool new feature that you have all been asking for.

So the situation is a client calls you up or emails you and says “hey I have forgotten how to do that paste from word thing” or “forgotten how to upload an image”.  So you say “What you need to do is go to the manual, and then scroll down and watch the video in the fourth row, second one from the left.”  Well, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could just give the client a link to that video? That is what we have built for you.

So, there are two ways that you can do this; if you are logged in to your client’s website, you can simply right click on the video and copy the link address and then email it to your client and when they paste it in, as long as they are logged in to their WordPress dashboard, the plugin will automatically take them to the video and put a nice yellow glow around it.  So you say, “here’s a link, click on this and we’ll highlight the video you need to watch to solve that problem.” Pretty cool huh? Great!  Okay but what if you are not logged in to your client’s website? Well as long as you know your client’s domain, you can use our little easy link tool.

Just go to, and type in the client’s domain, you select the video that you want them to watch “paste from word” and this is a list of all the videos available in the plugin, including WooCommerce and SEO by Yoast, you just choose the video and then click on the link that says “create me the link so I can get back to work” and then you just grab that link, copy that to the clipboard, send it to your client and again, as long as they are logged in to the dashboard, the plugin will load up and will take them to the right video and put a nice yellow glow around it, pretty cool huh?

Okay, one final little thing is if whatever reason WordPress isn’t installed in the root directory, let’s say it is installed in “blog” for example.  There is an option to tick advance and include the full path to the video page.  So, the video page is just the domain and then wp-admin/admin.php?page=video-user-manuals/plugin.php

So this might be good if you’re using multi-site or there is some quirk that means WordPress isn’t installed where it should be, you can use the advanced option.

Of course, if it’s installed in a subfolder or subdomain, you can simply type in the subfolder there, and choose the video and then generate the link.

So we hope you find that really useful and we hope it saves you time when clients are asking you which video to watch if you are logged in, you can just right click on the video, copy the link address and paste it to them.  If you’re not logged in, you can just type your client’s domain name into the link tool, choose the video and click on the blue button, copy the link to the clipboard and send it to your clients.

Awesome, enjoy using version 2.2.2!

7 thoughts on “Video User Manuals ver. 2.2.2

  1. Beautiful!
    Can hardly wait to start going at it and making this feature count. Think I’ll use it today 🙂

    Thanks for the great improvements!

  2. Awesome….2 extra features that would be awesome here:

    1) have the ability to have the /link page skinned or whitelabelled and put on our own domain so we can just tell the client to go our and enter their domain name and select what they want to know from the menu, self service

    2) looking at what you have in the dropdown menu that would actually be quite useful to have in the backend as its a bit more problem/solution focussed as the client doesn’t know whats under the Editor video for example but they do know they want to know how to paste from word

  3. Very nice, Is there a Flag in WP to alert us that an upgrade is available for Video User Manuals like other plugins? If not, seems like this would be a great addition.

    • Hi Rufus,

      This is built into the plugin, it was added about 1 year ago. You need to be on version 2 and above of the plugin for it to appear though.


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