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Joakim Saves half a day for every project!

This case study is kindly provided by Joakim Eriksson of Joakim was one of our first subscribers.

Cast Studies

Joakim shares how he:

  • Cut half a day off his project times
  • Saw an 80% reduction in support time for his clients
  • The time he saves he spends with his family
  • Use the manuals as part of his sales pitch to clients

Joakim, tell us a bit about your company and services?

In my company,, I offer photography, webbdesign, design, SEO and video. I’m alone, working from home, but pretty often I have to go to clients so I meet all kinds of new people. And I have all kinds of clients, Young, old, people that are good with computers, and those having a hard time switching them on and off.

How often do you use WordPress as a CMS for your clients?

I use WordPress for all my projects, unless the client already has a page based on a different system. I recommend WordPress to all my clients and I have had a couple that actually switch over to WordPress from heavier systems that where harder to update. I’d say 95% of my clients uses WP.

How were you training your clients to use WordPress before you got the user manual plugin?

I offered 2 hours introduction at the clients work/computer, showing them how to do every little bit of managing their webpage. After that, free mail and phone support for a year.

How did this training change once you had the user manual?

Since I started using the user manual plugin, I haven’t had a single 2 hours introduction for my clients.

Has the user manual had any impact on your productivity?

I don’t need to set aside half a day to go to the client for the introduction, and 80% of the mail and phone support is gone.

How often do clients contact you now for help with WordPress?

Depends on the client. But a typical client, 2-3 times.

Has the plugin saved you time and/or money?

Tons! I only need to do a short introduction over phone. And 80 % of the support is gone. Now I can use that time for other projects, and my family. So yeah, I save money and time! 🙂

Is using the video user manual good for your marketing?

It’s a very good sales pitch to be able to offer an up-to-date-video-manual for the clients new system. And the client “doesn’t need to pay for it”. They are not used to that service. Usually they get an email with a few rows of instructions, or 300 page manual which is quickly out of date and full of spelling mistakes!

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