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White Label CMS 2.0

If you’re a web developer building websites for clients using WordPress, you probably spend a bit of time explaining all the references to WordPress in their new dashboard. The login URL (wp-login.php), the login screen, the dashboard and all the admin menu items can be confusing. The White Label CMS plugin allows you to customise the entire client experience including the login URL, login screen, dashboard and admin menus.

Feature Requests & Support

Got a feature request for WLCMS, let us know here. Got a support question, head on over to the support forums.

New In White Label CMS 2.0

Version 2 includes lots of new changes. They are as follows:

  • New setup wizard
  • Better control of menus
  • The ability to add your logo to the dashboard
  • Add more than one welcome dashboard
  • Add custom CSS to the login page
  • It now supports child themes (or most requested feature)
  • And much much more

White Label CMS Admin

We listened to your feedback and we know a lot of you are not everyone is giving their clients Editor access. So we introduced the White Label CMS Admin. This allows you to hide menus for other users including admins.

Important: It does not modify the user roles at all. It simply hides the menu item from the menu.


Watch this short video to get started using the import/export feature in the new version of the White Label CMS plugin.

To import the settings from another installation of White Label CMS simply click the import button and upload the setting file.

If you want to export the current settings you have 3 possible options and they all relate to the images that you are currently using in the plugin on the site.

Export settings of WLCMS

Yes: Selecting this option will export all the images you have added from external sites, the filename of any images you have uploaded yourself to the theme/images folder, and the path to the images you uploaded using the media uploader. This means that when you import the settings to a new domain, any images that were uploaded using the media uploader, will point to the original domain. E.G. If you uploaded images using the media uploader and the domain name is http://abc-widgets.com, when you import your settings to your new site at http://abc-news.com, the image paths will still point to http://abc-widgets.com. It is unlikely that you will want this, which is why it is not the default option.
No: This will not include any images uploaded in the media uploader, but will include any external images, and the filename of any images you have uploaded to the theme/images folder. This is probably the option you are going to use the most often which is why it is the default setting.
Partial: Any images that where uploaded using the media uploader will now have the old domain name replaced by the domain of the new installation. External images and the filename of any images you have uploaded to the theme/images folder remain unchanged.

It’s actually quite simple. Watch the video for clarity.

RSS Widget

Watch this video to learn how to setup an RSS dashboard panel in your clients dashboard. This is a great way to stay top of mind with your clients every time they login.

The Dashboard Logo

The first thing you will notice in version 3.4 of WordPress is the new admin bar/ This really reduces the branding opportunities for web developers who want to hand over sites to their clients which are branded for their clients. We thought about this a lot, and decided the best option was allow users to change the dashboard logo and text, so they can brand it with their clients logos.

White Label CMS

You can also change the 16 pixel logo in the admin bar for your own version, but lets face it, how many of your clients have a logo that looks good at 16 pixels?

The branding on your dashboard might not seem like much, but we think it will make a big difference to how your clients view their CMS. If you disagree, then you don’t have to use it. This options is turned off by default.

Please note that if you grant the editor privileges in order to view the widgets and menu page, it is possible in theory that if the editor types in the correct url to switch themes, they will be able to do so. We have removed all links to switch themes for the editor, however we want you to be aware that this is possible, however remotely.

You can download it from the White Label CMS WordPress Plugin Page


This plugin was inspired through both our own experiences/needs and these great articles: Cats who code, Smashing Magazine, Net Tutsplus, Craig Buckler. Big thanks to Daniel Doherty for all his hard work beta testing version 2 and by our own hard working developers here at Video User Manuals.

What Would You Like To See In The Next Version?

We would love to hear how you are using the plugin, so please leave your comments below!

184 thoughts on “White Label CMS WordPress Plugin

  1. Started to use this widget again. Love it.
    Love the RSS feature.
    What about a way to update or load some images that can be banner ads for special offers, freemiums, guides etc.
    I would dearly love to see a service or tool where I can install the White Label plugin or version of it and manage all the settings for this plugin across all my clients sites from a single dashboard and YEP I’d pay for this service too vs changing it across 50 + sites.

  2. This is an absolutely fantastic app for making the back end look much more simpler for my clients along with some welcome instructions so they don’t have to go elsewhere to look at notes.

    I’ve used in conjunction with Adminimize plugin to hide other menu items that still appeared and Slate Theme plugin just to give it a further clean look.

    One Question… I’ve just set up the RSS feed and unlike in your example where it is to the right of your welcome message, mine is above my welcome message. How can I get it placed to the right? I definitely want the welcome message to be the first box.

  3. It would be nice to be able to hide some features from the admin, such as themes, plugins, etc…(the development tools you used to create websites). The only ones to see those development tools would be the person (host) who developed the website.

  4. It would be nice to see you switch to protocol relative URL so that files are loaded via https if/when the user switches to SSL

  5. Gravity Forms is hiding by default in the menu and we need to allow the Editor role to see this menu. There’s no checkbox to hide or not hide in White Label CMS, how can we show this in the menu so Editors can access it?

  6. Congratulations. This is a nice plugin.

    But I have a little observation.

    In wordpress MU (multisite) the “W” logo not change inside the pull-down menu “My sites”.
    Every site in network are keeping the “W” inside the pull-down.

    Are you have any suggestion how to change this little issue?


  7. Guys,
    Would be great if you allow us to select role for which “Modify Menus” section will be enabled. Right now it is pre-set to Editor, and I found situation where this causes issues. WooCommerce adds its own role Store Manager, which has all the same permissions as Editor including WooCommerce management. But selecting Store Manager hides all those menus since it is not an Editor technically. Thanks.

  8. Awesome plugin guys.

    I see you have taken over the management of Google Analyticator application you suggest in the ebook, is that right?

    I have installed it and it comes up in my admin dashboard as you suggest. but when I login as an “editor” user I cant see it.

    How do I turn this on? I cant seem to do it. Does it come under the “other” section perhaps. I dont want the other things to come up though just the Google Analyticator dashboard item.

    help would be much appreciated

    Regards Grant

    P.S A Feature I recommend to add being able to use this plug-in to be able to re-name the theme that I install, so it dosent come up in the page code.

  9. I’d really like to be able to hide the dashboard panel and menus created by bbPress. Any chance of a tweak for this?

  10. I’ve tried several branding plugins, and keep coming back!

    I’d love if I could hide various menus, and even White Label CMS on a per user basis. Most of my clients want admin level access, but I’d like to be able to hide some things for them. For example, I use Catalyst Theme, and on the user page I have the option to hide that menu for that user. Also, I’d like to hide the appearance menu, except for the widgets. A little more flexibility would be amazing.

    Also, getting rid of the ‘howdy’ on the top right would be awesome. I used another branding plugin that did that.

    I love the import/export. It would be very nice if the export file packaged the images too…into a zip…so we could import them into the new site.

    I’d even consider paying for a developers license if there was a next level of revolutionary functionality on the way!

    • Wow, some great feedback here.

      The menus issue, is something a lot of people want a solution for, we are looking into this.

      With the import/export files, why don’t you just but them on a external url, would that not solve that issue?


    • I love your product and want to purchase the video monthly 24.99, however, the plugin prevents me from receiving comment notifications. If you have a fix, I will immediately purchase the rest of your package.

      • Hi Dimarkco,

        We have never had a problem with our plugin preventing comment notifications. Can you tell us some more details like what other plugins you have installed?

  11. Great Plug-in!
    Just one issue: In wp 3.5 I’m not able to remove some menus: One menu from the theme , and another from the plug-in Contact Form 7, stay in the contributor dashboard, and they dont need it. Any idea? Thanks a lot!

  12. Hi!

    Very good plugin! Grat!

    But I use the wp-polls plugin and I can not allow it to be visible this menu item in rules editor.
    How can I solve this problem?

  13. Hello

    Is it possible to add more than 2 Welcome Panels?

    We will have 4 levels of subscribers that will each need access to different menus.

    Thank you

    • Hi Kelly,

      Sorry right now its not. The code for making welcome panels is pretty simple though, I would recommend creating your own little plugin to do that.


  14. Just a small request: please update the description in the plugin header due to the fact that this great plug-in has much more and more options than just whitelabelling.

    As some other plugins concerning the customization of the backend exist, it can get confusing after a few months, if you look for a certain option.

    E.g. i wondered why i couldn’t reactivate the category panel for posts in WP-CMS Post Control, when actually i had checked the option to hide it in both plug-ins – duh! – and completely forgot about it. I found the option after doing a plug-in update and checking the config screens for new features…

    Anyway, great work!

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