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Q. Are the videos 6.1 ready?

A. Yes, we are very happy that once again we had all the videos ready before the launch of WordPress 5.9. Learn more about the Gutenberg release.

Q. What is this plugin for?

A. It is a plugin for WordPress that gives the end user both a video and online manual explaining the functionality available to Editors in WordPress.

Q. Who is it for?

A. It is for WordPress developers to give to their clients. It is designed to save you the time of creating new manuals for each client, and helps your business have a more professional handover to the client.

If you own your own business checkout our case study of how one developer managed to cut half a day off his projects by using the plugin.

Q. Who is it not for?

A. It is not for developers wanting to learn about theĀ WordPress codex. It is not for hosting companies.

Q. Why is it useful?

A. On the homepage we have a calculator that helps you realize how much time you spend making manuals for your clients each year, by putting a $ value on your time. Once you see just how much time this takes, and how much work is involved in producing a comprehensive and professional manual, you will quickly realize that you could put your valuable time to better use (like getting more clients!).

Consider in the last year how many times you’ve had to answer the phone to answer simple questions from your clients. This video manual helps reduce those questions and therefore saves you time.

Q. What About WordPress Updates

A. As WordPress releases each stable version, we analyze it and create new or modify the existing videos and manual. You don’t need to worry about it. The plugin checks which version of WordPress is running and shows the correct version of the manual. For example, a website built in WordPress 2.8.6 will have videos about deleting a page. But one built in 2.9 will have videos explaining the trashcan. With each new release we cover the new functionality.

Q. What About The Bandwidth For The Videos

A. The videos are served from our servers, so you don’t need to worry about the bandwidth**.

Q. Why Does It Feature An Editor And Not An Administrator In The Videos?

After surveying a number of WordPress developers, we found that the majority give their clients Editor logins when they hand over the site to their clients. The reason is for this is quite obvious (a lot less things can go wrong). Hence the reason our videos are made from an Editor’s perspective.

Q. Which Plugins Do You Cover – WooCommerce, Gravity Forms & Yoast SEO

We listened to your feedback and added the 3 most requested plugins. Yoast SEO, WooCommerce and now Gravity Forms.

Q. Why Include Google Analytics Training Videos?

After WordPress how-to, the most common question you’ll receive from your clients will be about how to use Google Analytics. Google Analytics changes a lot more frequently than WordPress, so we contacted Google to ask if we could include their Analytics Academy training videos in our plugin… and they agreed! Yea! We want to be fully transparent here – we did not make these videos; they are available on YouTube. We don’t update these videos, and they are not available in different accents. The reason why we have included them is because the quality of training is excellent. They are by far the best Google Analytics training videos available. By default these videos are turned off, so it’s up to you if you want to turn them on.

Q. What Happens If I Unsubscribe?

A. The plugin with still continue to function to the end of that months subscription. After that, the videos will not appear and you will see the invalid ID message.

Plugin Customization and Branding

Q. My Websites Have Some Unique Features, Can I add My Own Videos?

A. Yes! We realise that everyone uses WordPress slightly differently. That is why we have made it possible to add your own videos above the manual videos if you want to. You can now even add the videos into the sections. So if you want to add your own video to the Pages section, you can.

Q. Can I Brand The Plugin?

A. Yes! You can add your branding to appear above all the videos, to present a more professional experience to your client. In fact, you can change all the images, including the menu icon, if you wish.

Q. Can I Personalize The Manual For My Client?

A. Yes! You can actually write a introduction to the manual if you want, giving the manual a more personal feel. Of course, you don’t have to, and you can either have a generic welcome message for all of your clients or remove the welcome message completely if you want.

Q. I Don’t Give My Clients Blogging Functionality, Can I Turn Off The Videos?

A. Yes! We realise that in some cases you don’t want your clients to know about certain functionalities. (Posts are the more requested functionality to be removed from the video manual.) Just go to the videos section and turn off sections of individual videos.

Q. What Happens If A Client Still Rings Me?

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