Wow. We love you guys and gals too!

We are extremely proud of the feedback we receive from our customers. If you have any feedback from either a client or yourself about using the manual, then please contact us and we will post it here. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Here are many happy WordPress developers all over the world using our plugin to save time and money every day.

Michael PennerMichael Penner
Flex Tech Media

Video User Manuals is absolutely incredible. I have been a technical writer, web designer, and a software trainer both via screen sharing and in formal classroom settings for almost 20 years. This plug-in elevates the profession of web design with WordPress.  I am stunned by the feature set and capability Video User Manuals provides. No serious web design company should implement a site without this plug-in. You’ve managed to offer an extraordinary licensing model that is easy to use and at such a low price that I will get my ROI on this within the next few days alone.

I can also tell you guys paid serious attention to the user interface. Easily one of the best plug-ins I’ve ever seen on any platform, WordPress or otherwise. I am looking forward to implementing this plug-in with my developer license on all my sites.

One more thing… Video User Manuals allows me to demonstrate “ease of use” during the bidding process that I have become quite adept at here in the United States. So the education component moves from a “training at the end” approach, to an “ease of use” demonstration at the BEGINNING  of the client acquisition business process….which includes proposals and demonstrations.

In short, this plugin will make me look like a rock star. Kudos!

Wil BrownWil Brown
Joakim ErikssonJoakim Eriksson

Since I started using the user manual plugin, I haven’t had a single 2 hours introduction for my clients.
I don’t need to set of half a day to go to the client for the introduction, and 80% of the mail and phone support is gone. Read Joakim’s Case Study

Kelly ExeterKelly Exeter

Thanks also for your excellent Video User Manuals, they are well worth the subscription fee.

Damian HanleyDamian Hanley
Damian Hanley Inc

I’ve been using your Video User Manuals to sell sites and using them to train clients… it’s been KILLING! My people love it and it’s allowed me to raise my prices… and it’s something that most web designers don’t offer. Thanks again – you rock!

Ashley HartAshley Hart

Thanks for creating a great plugin that saves me time:)

Jim RadfordJim Radford

My client contacted me to say she ‘loves’ the training material I bought from you.

Alan BruskyAlan Brusky

Already received an email back from a client … They love it! I actually think they were up half the night watching all the videos. I really think the plugin is great.

James CollinsJames Collins
Nik CreeNik Cree

This has saved me untold hours training my clients for two reasons:

1. I can train them over the phone by directing them to the appropriate video (meaning I don’t have to travel to meet them).

2. I now only need to train and make videos on specific plugins in the websites as the basic training is now all on your well put together videos.

AND a bonus…you do all the updating of the videos which is another massive time saver.
Thank you.