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White Label CMS 1.5.3 – Security Update

This morning we released a security update for White Label CMS. We would like to thank for bringing it to our attention.

It has a low / medium CVSS score and relates to the Import functionality. It could only be triggered if you have Administrator access.

We have improved the use of WordPress nonces and enhanced validation on import functionality.

Given all the security updates which are happening in WordPress right now, we would like to once again thank He will provide a full explanation of his report within the week after this release has gone out and we will link to this.


Plugin 2.3.3


We have made a small update to the plugin which fixes a issue some people were having with the master profile.

A big new feature will be coming soon.

Stay tuned!


WordPress 4.0 Ready

We have put all the finishing touches to version 4.0 of the videos and the written manuals. So tomorrow when version 4 drops, and you update your clients websites, they will be able to see version 4 of the videos.

You can download the updated Word doc and PDF for the same place as normal.



Behind the Scenes at the Video User Manuals Sales Shoot

We like a bit of fun here at Video User Manuals; and filming a video shoot is always enjoyable.
So we thought for something different, we’d film a ‘behind the scenes’ shoot from our recent VUM Sales video.

The votes came in with Lucy (Troy’s dog) being the star performer of the day – which is no mean feat seeing as she didn’t even appear in the professional video!
Just a quick word of warning – please don’t try Troy’s voice warm-ups at home. We don’t want anyone breaking a vocal chord (or two)!

PS. You can check out the actual sales video at:

Behind the Scenes of the VUM Sales Video Shoot from Troy Dean on Vimeo.


WordPress Video User Manuals Single License Works On Two Domains

I’ve had a few questions recently about the single site license of the WordPress Video User Manuals plugin regarding testing it on a staging environment before handing over to a client.

The answer is Yes. The single site license of the Video User Manuals plugin for WordPress will actually work on two domains so you can install it on a staging environment and the live site.

This means you can get your client site setup exactly the way you want before you hand over the keys. We usually install the White Label CMS plugin too so we can rebrand the login screens and the dashboard to save any further confusion.

Did you really think we hadn’t thought of this already?