Flattery or Theft?

It's pretty crystal clear

Flattery will get you… nowhere.

This German company have blatantly ripped off our homepage video and ripped off the design of our good friend Shawn Hesketh at wp101.comĀ until he sent them a DMCA take down notice and they changed their theme.

I have already issued DMCA notices with Vimeo (who have acted) and WPEngine (who we love – but haven’t acted as yet – they have asked me to follow the UK/EU take down process as the site is on their EU servers – more bloody hoops to jump through) and I have asked the owner of the site to remove the video as well as the screenshot of our plugin form this page:


Seriously, ripping other people’s IP off is stupid, lazy and foolish. And at the end of the day it makes you look inferior. Start adding value or go play elsewhere.

By the way, we are the original and best white-label solution to training your clients how to use WordPress in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and we include videos for WooCommerce and WP SEO by Yoast.

Shawn Hesketh at WP101 also has a good offering and is a good guy.


6 thoughts on “Flattery or Theft?

  1. You’re completely right. The videos are a 1:1 translation of Shawn Hesketh’s video series. Not only the number of videos equals. It’s really taken word by word to make money from it :-\

    I’m looking for a german solution of your service and I played with the thought to take the lernpress plugin, but I won’t support such a really poor act of …

    How can I check your german versions? I can’t reach any working link to a german video example on your site. Do you have a real german partner or do you sell sort of automated translation to german? How about keeping the german versions up to date in this hard times, where WP releases a new version every 2 months?

    Thanks for your answer.

    • Hey Frank,

      Thanks for stopping by. At the moment we do have all our videos available with a German voice over and shot with a german version of WordPress, however in all honesty we are planning to sunset our foreign language translations as of WordPress 3.8 as the number of sales of our international versions does not justify the work load involved in updating them.

      We are actively looking for partners in Germany and France in particular to share revenue with if they can help us produce the videos for our plugin.

      So if you know anyone, tell them to get in touch.

  2. Sincerely sorry you have had to go through this – and that it’s ongoing. Good that some providers have assisted. Hopefully the EU side will pan out too.

    I concur on your statement about ripping off IP. It’s a bankrupt thing for an individual or company to do to anybody.

    For those looking at Video User Manuals – plus one on the original being the best. It’s supported by passion too – not just great technical chops. You can’t do better than Troy’s products.

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