A Better WordPress For Clients – Free Report

The WordPress Manual Plugin first evolved because we wanted to both provide our clients with the best experience of using WordPress as a CMS, and just as importantly we wanted to reduce the costs of managing the education of our clients in using their CMS.

Over 20,000 WordPress consultants have downloaded the eBooks and some of them have left testimonials about how much they love them. Read their comments here.

We also have evolved other techniques which have helped both of these goals, and have decided to share them with you. The following is the culmination of over 6 years worth of experience.

It offers advice to businesses on how to streamline their processes while giving their clients a better impression of their brand though a smoother handover.

A Better WordPress For Clients

  • How to customise the WordPress dashboard to give your clients the best (non-confusing!) experience.
  • Using a WordPress setup checklist will make your installations more efficient.
  • How to move menu positions in WordPress.
  • Implement basic Search Engine Optimisation techniques to give your clients better results
  • How to get the most out of the WordPress Manual Plugin

A Better Business For Developers

  • How to qualify leads
  • Sending proposals
  • Payment Terms
  • Client sign off
  • Lots more!

How To Sell WordPress To Clients

  • How to explain WordPress to clients in one page.
  • What to focus on in your sales pitch.
  • An interview with Tammy Hart, about her WordCamp presentation “WordPress & Working With Clients”
  • How to handle questions for your clients in an efficient manor. (cut your maintenance costs)

Got Any Tips Of Your Own?

We would love to get your feedback on some of our recommendations, please let us know what you think.

169 thoughts on “A Better WordPress For Clients – Free Report

  1. Troy, I so appreciate what you and the team do to help others in WP industry. Your care and support is tremendous and provides a fresh perspective on working together in our crazy world.

  2. Hi Troy.
    Thanks for the book!
    I’m really really grateful!
    Excelente tips. I’m already implementing it.

  3. Hi Troy…
    Excellent tutorials, one of the very best presented WP “how
    to” make that all important, customer relational transition.

    Cheers & blessing to all the team…


  4. Thanks Troy! This ebook was just what I was looking for! I’ve learn’t so much in each chapter. It’s given me so much more confidence now that I have a clear deployment plan too! Thanks Troy!

  5. I’ve just finished reading the first e-book, it all seems so obvious, why didn’t I think of it before. Great after sales for the client. You’ve arm-twisted me into getting the video helper plugin 😉

  6. Hello, I am to get as much info on WordPress marketing as possible, thank you so much for making these reports, it really helps out!! I am following all of your work and research on these marketing tips for WordPress!

  7. Hey Troy,

    These are so much detailed and powerful guides. No one ever taught these tips to me. And, I have encouraged other people to sign up here too.

    Thank you very much. You have opened my eyes to a broader view of wordpress and freelancing.


  8. Thanks for the guide, tons of good suggestions for adding value to the end-product I deliver to my clients…

  9. These concepts coincide with my vision of work ethic and lifestyle. The document has all the things I want for my clients and I plan to implement these suggestions immediately. Adding value and making my clients lives easier makes my life easier and work more valuable. Love it.

  10. Thanks Troy for the excellent resource! Only part way through reading the first ebook but have learnt something new within the first few pages about making the interface easier and simpler for my clients.

    Really looking forward to reading the rest.

    Thanks again for the free ebook!

  11. I work as a freelancer in web design business for 14 months. Your e-books where very useful to me and I couldn’t agree more with your third one “A better wordpress business”. Especially this e-book gives a great picture of Designer-Client relationship and how to work in harmony and on the safe side doing what I love…Design without frustration!

    Thank you so much!

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