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Vladimir Prelovac is CEO of ManageWP, author of the WordPress Plugin Development Guide for Beginners and author of many free WordPress plugins including the awesome Plugin Central.

For your chance to win a 1 year business plan at ManageWP, leave a comment below with your best idea for a feature that you would like to see in ManageWP.


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  1. Hi,

    My suggestion:
    Alerts from Aksimet (and similar plugins), that comments were ready for approval. AND ability to approve (or not) without login to individual site.


  2. It’d be interesting to have a version for hosting companies that included backups, update alerts and update capability but without the ability to post to the sites or many of the other features. ISPs and Webhost companies really need the ability to keep an eye on clients’ WordPress sites for security and backup purposes, but many other features are not needed. Perhaps another licensing level for ISPs and hosts would make this fit better into existing pricing models we have with our clients?

  3. Time when WordPress is growing at it’s peak, one must have such tool that can take give complete peace of mind for management.

  4. I have 100 websites and it is such a pain to have to log in and out for each one. ManageWP is a great option to streamline.

  5. Thanks for all the comments guys – keep them coming. Vladimir will be coming back around the 24th of October to judge the winner so tell your friends!

    Keep up the awesomeness.

  6. For the last 15 months we have relied on this plug- in Looking back it’s hard to see what could improve it – maybe the ability to clone a template of preferred plug-ins across the entire dashboard of sites in ManageWP. Keep up your creative ideas/implementations, Vlad !

  7. I have recently been talking with friend and college Rob Messenger ex MP for Burnett. He has been doing some wonderful things lately with youtube videos etc for his new Whistle blowing business, I showed him WordPress as he is wanting to build another website for his new line of work. We were looking at embedding youtube links to my website for video of properties for sale and rent, just couldn’t find a way to do it maybe we were looking in the wrong place, but to cut it all short he was very impressed with what you are doing and I have no doubt he will be in touch. I will be forwarding this email to him. Thanks for making my job easier too, like that I can manage and update from here so easily, just would really love to be able to use a live calander intead of second uploads. Thanks again.

  8. So far, i have use Manage WP over 1 years but on free account, all services very good.

    I am waiting Manage WP develop Android App for more integrations.

  9. I already use MWP & love it! I’d really like to see a feature added where MWP keeps track of the date and time plugins & themes are updated. I recently could have used this when I was trying to track down a possible plugin conflict.

  10. We love ManageWP (& VideoUserManuals for that matter) because they both make managing our clients so much easier.
    Thanks guys for your hard work in developing these plugins!

    • We also love the scheduled backup facilities – so much peace of mind!
      As an idea for a new feature, we would love to see further development on the migrate tool.
      It does not currently allow you to migrate a site to a hosting environment (via IP address) before the domain name is pointing there.
      In the same vein, it would be great to be able to choose which domain to change all the file paths to separate from the migration destination of the site.
      BackupBuddy allows you to do this but I would love this migration functionality to be available in ManageWP.

  11. security scan daily automatic cron (via SUCURI) there is no way to autorun the free SUCURI “security scan” script. I can fix hacked sites but not if i am unaware of the hack. I would love to see that scan happen every day.

    backup: It would be great if you offered a chunk of storage with a paid account. i would like to have off-site storage but don’t have an extra FTP account. also, incremental storage would be a key feature to make backups less of a burden

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