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Vladimir Prelovac is CEO of ManageWP, author of the WordPress Plugin Development Guide for Beginners and author of many free WordPress plugins including the awesome Plugin Central.

For your chance to win a 1 year business plan at ManageWP, leave a comment below with your best idea for a feature that you would like to see in ManageWP.


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  1. Thank you to everybody who left a feature request or comments on the interview.

    Vladimir has chosen Richard as the winner of the competition and he now picks up a 1 year Business Plan at ManageWP. You can see his comments here – https://www.videousermanuals.com/blog/commpress/vladimir-prelovac-managewp/comment-page-1/#comment-11090

    The response to this podcast series has been overwhelming and we are very humbled by all the feedback.

    For your chance to win a copy of the Video SEO plugin by Yoast valued at $89, check out the interview with Joost De Valk – https://www.videousermanuals.com/blog/commpress/joost-de-valk/

    Keep up the good work.


  2. ManageWP has been great not just for peace of mind but for the time and effort the system saves.

    You already have a lot of features others are asking for so maybe a way to indicate what features are running, like a green light, on the admin list of each site?

    The ability to switch accounts on the mobile app

    You are building more security features which is great but would really like security tips like a scan and then identify what is vulnerable and solutions/advice?

    Performance enhancement options and scanning so we can make our sites faster?

    Looking forward to growing with this great product and team. Thanks Vladimir and Troy

  3. Thank you so much for all the awesome comments gang. Vladimir will be coming back in less than 48 hours to award the prize so tell your friends and good luck!

    Stay tuned for a brand new interview in a few days with Joost de Valk!

  4. Already a user of ManageWP and really like it. An Android app is a big must and it would be great if the Sucuri suite was automated and we could request repair and removal straight from the control panel.

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