An Interview with Rand Fishkin

If you don't know about Moz, where have you been?

Rand Fishkin is best known as the CEO of Moz (formerly SEOMoz) the analytics marketing software used by thousands.

He is also an energetic entrepreneur and has a great story of building a company from scratch, the trials and traumas of raising capital and what it’s like to elevate up to CEO and loosen his grip on the day-to-day stuff.

Rand is also co-author ofย The Art of SEO.

For your chance to win a copy of the book and some SEO Moz swag, leave a comment below this video with a suggestion on a feature you would like to see in the Moz software.

Rand will be back in one week to award the prizes.

Update: The CommPress podcast has been replaced with the WP Elevation podcast. Subscribe in iTunes here.

11 thoughts on “An Interview with Rand Fishkin

  1. Awesome interview! Im loving the series, thanks so much!

    I’d like to see is a fixed or lower price for just the SEOMoz Academy training videos. I’m wanting to start learning about SEO – but am not ready to commit to a monthly subscription to SEOMoz while learning.

    SEO training from SEOMoz, now thats the place to go!

  2. I’ve just started using the SEOMoz software. I am still working on figuring it all out. As I use the software, I am finding I need to add-on quite a bit to get it working the way I need it to work. I too like the idea of custom reports. Thank you.

  3. “I’ll tweet the crap out of those.” I LOVED this interview. Rand strikes me as very open and honest and the kind of person I’d hang out with, which is important to me when doing business. I feel like I was born to be a marketer, but not until now because of the trend towards inbound and conversations.

    Honestly, I haven’t looked at MOZ analytics software, so I have nothing to contribute to that question here. I remember SEOmoz from a million years ago, but I guess I lost track along the way. Will be checking it out now, I guess! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey – what a fantastic video, excellent points raised and very inspirational stories – thanks guys!

    I really do think that the moz software is packed of features – a fellow web designer keeps nagging me to try it out, and I really think I will.

    A feature that would really appeal to me (I’ve looked around, but can’t find the feature listed anywhere) Is in-page analytics (similar to what Google offer).

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Emlyn

  5. Great interview, Troy. I learned a lot! I’m fascinated by tools that show where people click on websites. I’m not sure that it fits exactly with Moz’s software offerings, but it would definitely be a great tool for their users.

  6. Hi & Thanks for these podcasts, they are awesome!

    One thing I really would love to see is a small WP Dashboard widget that gives a brief overview to myself and my clients. Also, if the business model allows for it, the ability to lease SEOmoz to my clients.

    Already looking forward to the next podcast. Thanks Troy!

  7. Troy another excellent interview. I hope your audience down-under and worldwide appreciate Rand and what he has done for the SEO Community – And Rand, please except this feeble comment as a huge thank you for all I have learned from you and Pete over the years. I know it will get washed into the millions you must receive, but hopefully it may offset some of those others ๐Ÿ™‚

    I personally think the Moz tools are fantastic. I would be in the camp thinking multiple logins would be nice.

    We find that the best value we get for our Moz membership is the education. I manage internet marketers on three continents and am continually using your resources to educate my folks on the proper way to improve branding, rankings and conversions.

    Thank you both again.

  8. Troy

    Another brilliant interview. Well done to yourself and Rand. Great question and answer about the future of google search .. Great analogy about understanding how a car works. I loved Rand’s answer to your question about advice for web masters on the need to focus on multi channel.


  9. Would love to see the custom reports activated, this is the only reason I haven’t signed up … further it would be awesome if we could produce custom pdf reports from within moz … which also included some custom content… for example many developers offer some form of maintenance… so the report could serve to showcase all moz info plus the website maintenance info …

    Now that would be different, would add some real added benefit and shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  10. I think SEOMoz does it all but one feature I would love to see is on demand site auditor. Sometime we will fix, tweak and move everything on a site before a big client meeting and running the site audit on demand would be super helpful to generate new reports.

    • Hey John,

      Congratulations on winning the contest! Rand picked your comment as the winner. You’ll get a separate email shortly with details on your prizes.

      Thank you everyone for participating.

      By the way, this podcast is being retired in favour of our new one at WP Elevation

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