An Interview with Derek Sivers – Founder of CD Baby

I am terribly embarrassed it has taken me over 12 months to publish this interview. Especially considering that this is my favourite interview to date (no offence to everyone else – I love you all).

The truth is we wound up this podcast in favour of the new WP Elevation podcast and this interview somehow just fell through the cracks. I could make up some elaborate story about how Dropbox failed to sync the file or my editor in the US took forever to edit it. But that would be bullshit.

I just forgot I hadn’t published it and for that I am sorry. Especially to Derek, who gave up almost an hour of his time to speak with me. I hope he forgives me.

I recently interviewed John O’Nolan from Ghost for the WP Elevation podcast who discovered I had this interview in the can and told me “stop being a dick and publish it.” So here it is. Thank you, John.

I hope you will agree, it has been worth the wait.

Derek Sivers is best known as the founder of CD Baby, an independent music store on the web. He started it to sell his own CD’s and ended up selling it for $22 million which he then gave to a charitable trust for music education programs.

There is so much I like about this man I could literally write about him for days. Instead, watch the interview, learn and be inspired.

Oh and leave a comment under the video telling me the best thing you learned in this interview and we’ll give the best answer a copy of his #1 selling book “Anything You Want”.

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