WooCommerce Videos Please

Would love to see WooCommerce videos

Steve Truman shared this idea ยท November 21, 2012

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6 thoughts on “WooCommerce Videos Please

  1. I would like the videos as well and I have found a good source for some things at uploadwp.com. They seem to have a handle on the product and present things well.
    I have not been able to find anything good on how categories/attributes/variations work and how extensive the filtering is for these.
    I would love to get a good explanation in print or video.
    1. can multiple categories and sup categories be filtered together?
    a. if I sell light bulbs and have 5 manufacturers, each with products in subcategories: halogen, incandescent, low voltage, different shapes, balists or base sockets, different colors and or voltages.
    b. can i queery any version of the above and drill down?
    1. will i only be able to drill down from manufacturer
    2. will i be able to look at all round bulbs from all manufacturers?
    Its confusing but i wold love to mind out if this is part of their package or available through a plugin.

  2. Yes you are correct – when we hand over all the settings are done – besides making a video on Payment gateways and Shipping would not work because WooCommerce handles payment gateways and shipping via plugins – fro adevs point of view we have done all of that already.

    What i think would be great in the videos is explaining the core functions of how to create Products and all that involves – categories – attributes (terms) and how to set up variations.

    Woo Commerce has a good wiki – but it lacks videos http://wcdocs.woothemes.com/

    These docs are written by the WooCommerce devs and you could basically get the Content for the videos from them
    Adding & managing products

    Adding product images and galleries

    Product categories and tags

    and these are very important and hard for clients to get a grip on – a video on each would be hugely helpful

    Setting up product attributes

    Product Variations

    and finally

    Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells

    That would be an excellent set of Videos – most useful.

  3. How would you expect the videos to be setup up? I would presume you would be handing over a working version to the client, so that would mean things like payment gateways and postage would already taken care of?

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