WooCommerce Has Arrived

Yippie kay yay

We are really excited to announce WooCommerce has arrived to the Video User Manuals plugin, and for no extra cost!

We have just added 14 new WooCommerce videos which will save you hours of training, when you hand over your WooCommerce site to your client.

The videos are available in US, UK and Australian accents and subtitles for Spanish, Portuguese and Italian will be available very soon.

Just go to the videos section in the options, to turn them on.

Did I mention we were excited about this?

We have also made some cool updates to the plugin. We realised that some of you will only want to include the WooCommerce training for the client, so we have added the ability to remove the written User Manual from the sidebar.

We also realised that you will probably be giving your clients Admin access now, so we added a nice feature which restrict the Options page to only 1 admin account. That way you can give your client a different admin account, and they will not be able to access the Options.

Finally, we added https:// support, so if your client is using https:// for their site, the plugin switches to https mode, so everything continues to function as normal.

Well, that’s it, as always we love to hear your feedback and suggestions, and all of these changes came from requests that you guys submitted, so keep them coming.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2013!

The Video User Manuals Team.

12 thoughts on “WooCommerce Has Arrived

  1. Hi!
    congratulations. I’m very happy to find this in my first days with your plugin. Thanks.

    Just checked and I think would be necessary add a video talking about TAX setup.

    TAX and SHIPPING are the most difficult configuration to do in WooCommerce.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi,

      Thanks. This is very true, but we have made the assumption that you have set up WooCommerce for your client and handed it over to them in a working condition (ie. Tax and Shipping should already be setup for them). Shipping for example has so many possible extensions that you use, it would very hard to cover everything which is why we only covered shipping classes.

      As always though, we will listen to everyones feedback. WooCommerce came about because people asked for it, so …

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. Wow!!!! This is amazing! I requested this feature to be added a little while back but I thought it was a slim chance it would be added because of how much work there would be to add this but you have done it!

    Amazing work guys. There are no tutorials anywhere close to being as good as the WordPress Video User Manual and now that you have added WooCommerce it really is exceptional value for money.

    Sp pleased to see this awesome feature.

  3. This is seriously one of the best, if not the best, training tool out there. I can’t believe the number of questions it reduces and how easy it is to add some of my own videos! You guys rock!!

    • Thanks for the kind words Michele. Hope the plugin helps you build the business you want and free up some of your time.


  4. Truly the best Christmas present you guys could give.

    Congratulations on listening to the feedback back – and a huge thank you and Merry Christmas.


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