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It’s great to have all of the way available to branding the WordPress login, admin areas etc. for clients, however, the benefit of this is severely diminished by the fact that the videos have a WordPress install with the standard WordPress branding on it. Would it not make sense to make the branding in the videos as generic as possible?

david shared this idea ยท September 4, 2012

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36 thoughts on “Remove WordPress Branding From Videos

  1. I run a subscription based software with a few 1000 clients. WordPress is what everyone is looking for. To ask people to make a wordpress training video that does not have wordpress logos anywhere is madness… It’s a wordpress plugin for God sakes.

  2. Hey Guys,

    Here’s a question for you regarding this – unless you are using our White Label CMS plugin, or some other White Label plugin, when your clients login they are going to see dashboard widgets to the WordPress developers blog and the help tab with links to the WordPress support forum.

    So how do we setup WordPress in a way to shoot the videos as a White Label solution without knowing how you guys set it up?

    The videos have to look almost identical to what your clients see in the dashboard right?

    Any suggestions?

  3. I do think it makes sense to white label everything, including the videos. It helps us present a customized, consistent, professional product to our clients… not something that’s pieced together.

    I’m selling burtonsites, not WordPress… even though I openly share that WordPress is the platform I build on.

    It’s as if we were to go to McDonalds to buy a cheeseburger, and the paper it was wrapped in had the branding of the beef supplier.

    Just a thought.

    • Hi John,

      I agree with you in part. Although what we are all doing is rebadging WordPress and re-selling it as a solution. The smart operators have also worked out how to add value to the transaction, therefore whether it’s badged WordPress or not is irrelevant.

      My argument is that removing the WordPress branding is only beneficial in that it reduces unnecessary questions from new clients. On the other hand, in the last 12 months, most of my inbound leads have been looking for a WordPress specialist, not a web developer.

      You could argue that leaving the WordPress branding leads the client to discover all the amazing things you can do with WordPress which leads to an increased spend per client.

      Anyway – I made a video which hopefully makes my point –

      Love to hear your feedback.

  4. Actually i don’t want white labellings and would never use it. I’m extremely proud of WordPress and want my clients to know that they are using / and learning to use the Number 1 Content management system in the World.

    My clients to a man and women love the idea that they are learning how to use WordPress and know its a skill that they are acquiring and will have for life.

    In fact I have no interest in White Labeling anything I use – including VideoUsermanuals – I tell them that its a premium service that I pay for each month so they can learn how to user their site. They love the idea that I do that for them.

    If it is a WooCommerce site I don’t white label WooCommerce – because I’m proud of it and I tell them its the best e-commerce platform in the world and they are proud of it as well.

    Sorry to be a contrarian

    • I agree with you Steve.

      It’s unlikely we will ever white label the videos.

      If you are secure enough in the value you offer your clients, there is no need to white label.

      Thanks for offering your opinion.


  5. Just move on and let these guys see how the marketplace responds to consumer demand. There are other sources for generic training videos that you can use inside the WordPress admin or anywhere you wish. Look around, google it and dig a bit

  6. I think Brian’s points are well made. I have some large corporate clients who are very cool about the fact that we built their site in WordPress. For those in the know, they are buying the expertise that you bring to their business, your expertise in manipulating the benefits of WP – the google effect, the ease of use, the flexibility etc etc. For those that don’t know WP – they are buying your expertise in delivering a project on one of the most stable platforms there is. If you are embarrassed to admit that it is built on WP, then you need a new sales person.

  7. I think it should be available in both. (yeah i am a madman)

    But seriously, having wordpress logo has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is just like brian said, sometimes it helps to close a deal when client know you are using wordpress. The disadvantage is, not everyone is like that ๐Ÿ™‚

    So to make both clients happy, perhaps and option from the admin page to choose if we will use videos with WP logo or not will be a great plus. You manage to show the correct video depending on version of WP installed, this is not a big work compare to that.

    Nevertheless, Great stuff

  8. If you leave the branding, then it means it’s useless to use uservoice: you don’t listen to your customers wishes.

    There is nothing more to say.

  9. Ooh, yes please – this would be great! I’ve had to go through the word doc and change the images to remove the wordpress logo. That would be great – no branding just a plain CMS white label with nothing in it in the videos if possible!

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