Plugin Update 1.3


WordPress 3 has launched and as you have probably noticed, so we have taken the opportunity to update the WordPress Manual Plugin. First the updates:

  • We have re-shot all the videos and added new voice overs.
  • We have also completely updated the written manual.
  • We have added a new video to cover new featured image functionality.

We have listened to your feedback and have made changes to the way the videos are grouped. You told us that the old video groupings were not always consistent with the way you were deploying your clients websites. So we made the following changes:

  • Videos are now grouped to match the WordPress menu (ie. Dashboard, Posts, Media, Links, Pages etc.)
  • We have shortened the commentary on the dashboard video to only focus on the left navigation, and not mention any of the dashboard panels. You now have the ability to remove the dashboard video now if you want as well.
  • You can now change the title of the video tutorials from “WordPress Video Tutorials” to anything you want.

How To Update

You will have all received a link to the latest version of the plugin in the your email.If you use the plugin by modifying the config file, then please modify the config file for this version of the plugin. If you use the menu system, then the process of installing the plugin will be the same as normal

New Installations

On any new instillations, please use this plugin as you have normally done so in the past. The latest version of the plugin will work on any stable version of WordPress from 2.8 upwards.

Updating The Plugin

If you want to update a older version of the plugin, simply upload the new plugin to replace the old one. All previous option values will remain the same. However:

You will then need to choose which videos you want to appear, because the default is to show them all.

Not Updating The Plugin

If you choose not to update the plugin, then it will continue to function as normal. The video groupings will remain the same, even if the client updates to the latest version of WordPress.

Your Feedback

It was your feedback which guided us on this latest version of the plugin, and as always, we would love to hear more of your ideas. Please leave a comment below, or if you have a query, please lodge a support ticket.