White Label CMS WordPress Plugin

White Label CMS 1.5

If you’re a web developer building websites for clients using WordPress, you probably spend a bit of time explaining all the references to WordPress in their new dashboard. The login URL (wp-login.php), the login screen, the dashboard and all the admin menu items can be confusing. The White Label CMS plugin allows you to customise the entire client experience including the login URL, login screen, dashboard and admin menus.

Quick Overview of the White Label CMS Plugin

Feature Requests & Support

Got a feature request for WLCMS, let us know here. Got a support question, head on over to the support forums.

New In White Label CMS 1.5

You asked for it, so we’ve added a new import/export feature to the White Label CMS plugin. This allows you to setup White Label CMS even faster, and if you have a preferred setup, replicating it is now possible with just a couple of clicks. To learn more about this feature click here.

We have also added a RSS widget which you can add to the dashboard. Once you hand over a site to the clients, your relationship with the client should not end there. If you put your own business feed into your clients dashboard, your client can easily keep in contact with what your up to. Just ran a successful SEO campaign for one of your clients? Now all your clients will know about it! This is accessible through the dashboards panel. Read more about this feature here.

Version 1.4 includes lots of new changes designed specifically for the new admin interface in WordPress 3.4. They are as follows:

  • The ability to add your logo to the dashboard
  • Add more than one welcome dashboard
  • Add custom CSS to the login page
  • It now supports child themes (or most requested feature)
  • And much much more


Watch this short video to get started using the import/export feature in the new version of the White Label CMS plugin.

To import the settings from another installation of White Label CMS simply click the import button and upload the setting file.

If you want to export the current settings you have 3 possible options and they all relate to the images that you are currently using in the plugin on the site.

Export settings of WLCMS

Yes: Selecting this option will export all the images you have added from external sites, the filename of any images you have uploaded yourself to the theme/images folder, and the path to the images you uploaded using the media uploader. This means that when you import the settings to a new domain, any images that were uploaded using the media uploader, will point to the original domain. E.G. If you uploaded images using the media uploader and the domain name is http://abc-widgets.com, when you import your settings to your new site at http://abc-news.com, the image paths will still point to http://abc-widgets.com. It is unlikely that you will want this, which is why it is not the default option.
No: This will not include any images uploaded in the media uploader, but will include any external images, and the filename of any images you have uploaded to the theme/images folder. This is probably the option you are going to use the most often which is why it is the default setting.
Partial: Any images that where uploaded using the media uploader will now have the old domain name replaced by the domain of the new installation. External images and the filename of any images you have uploaded to the theme/images folder remain unchanged.

It’s actually quite simple. Watch the video for clarity.

RSS Widget

Watch this video to learn how to setup an RSS dashboard panel in your clients dashboard. This is a great way to stay top of mind with your clients every time they login.

The Dashboard Logo

The first thing you will notice in version 3.4 of WordPress is the new admin bar/ This really reduces the branding opportunities for web developers who want to hand over sites to their clients which are branded for their clients. We thought about this a lot, and decided the best option was allow users to change the dashboard logo and text, so they can brand it with their clients logos.

White Label CMS

You can also change the 16 pixel logo in the admin bar for your own version, but lets face it, how many of your clients have a logo that looks good at 16 pixels?

The branding on your dashboard might not seem like much, but we think it will make a big difference to how your clients view their CMS. If you disagree, then you don’t have to use it. This options is turned off by default.

There Is More

We developed this plugin to have these vital features which every professional WordPress developer needs:

  • Choose what menus appear using 3 CMS profiles: Website, Blog or Custom
  • The ability to remove navigation menus for user roles of editors and below (perfect for clients!)
  • The ability to make widgets and menus available to editors
  • The ability to remove all panels from the dashboard
  • The ability to add your own ‘welcome’ panel to the dashboard
  • The ability to customize the head and footer logos
  • The ability to customize the login logo (and we have removed the WordPress alt text)
  • The ability to hide the nag update
  • This has been tested on WordPress multi sites
  • Use /login instead of /wp-login.php (must use permalinks in order for this to work)

No longer will you have to tell your clients to ignore the dashboard!

Current Release

The current release is version 1.5 This version works in WordPress 3.3 and above.

Please note that if you grant the editor privileges in order to view the widgets and menu page, it is possible in theory that if the editor types in the correct url to switch themes, they will be able to do so. We have removed all links to switch themes for the editor, however we want you to be aware that this is possible, however remotely.

You can download it from the White Label CMS WordPress Plugin Page


This plugin was inspired through both our own experiences/needs and these great articles: Cats who code, Smashing Magazine, Net Tutsplus, Craig Buckler and by our own hard working developers here at Video User Manuals.

What Would You Like To See In The Next Version?

We would love to hear how you are using the plugin, so please leave your comments below!

164 thoughts on “White Label CMS WordPress Plugin

  1. It would be nice to see you switch to protocol relative URL so that files are loaded via https if/when the user switches to SSL

  2. Gravity Forms is hiding by default in the menu and we need to allow the Editor role to see this menu. There’s no checkbox to hide or not hide in White Label CMS, how can we show this in the menu so Editors can access it?

  3. Congratulations. This is a nice plugin.

    But I have a little observation.

    In wordpress MU (multisite) the “W” logo not change inside the pull-down menu “My sites”.
    Every site in network are keeping the “W” inside the pull-down.

    Are you have any suggestion how to change this little issue?


  4. Guys,
    Would be great if you allow us to select role for which “Modify Menus” section will be enabled. Right now it is pre-set to Editor, and I found situation where this causes issues. WooCommerce adds its own role Store Manager, which has all the same permissions as Editor including WooCommerce management. But selecting Store Manager hides all those menus since it is not an Editor technically. Thanks.

  5. Awesome plugin guys.

    I see you have taken over the management of Google Analyticator application you suggest in the ebook, is that right?

    I have installed it and it comes up in my admin dashboard as you suggest. but when I login as an “editor” user I cant see it.

    How do I turn this on? I cant seem to do it. Does it come under the “other” section perhaps. I dont want the other things to come up though just the Google Analyticator dashboard item.

    help would be much appreciated

    Regards Grant

    P.S A Feature I recommend to add being able to use this plug-in to be able to re-name the theme that I install, so it dosent come up in the page code.

  6. I’d really like to be able to hide the dashboard panel and menus created by bbPress. Any chance of a tweak for this?

  7. I’ve tried several branding plugins, and keep coming back!

    I’d love if I could hide various menus, and even White Label CMS on a per user basis. Most of my clients want admin level access, but I’d like to be able to hide some things for them. For example, I use Catalyst Theme, and on the user page I have the option to hide that menu for that user. Also, I’d like to hide the appearance menu, except for the widgets. A little more flexibility would be amazing.

    Also, getting rid of the ‘howdy’ on the top right would be awesome. I used another branding plugin that did that.

    I love the import/export. It would be very nice if the export file packaged the images too…into a zip…so we could import them into the new site.

    I’d even consider paying for a developers license if there was a next level of revolutionary functionality on the way!

    • Wow, some great feedback here.

      The menus issue, is something a lot of people want a solution for, we are looking into this.

      With the import/export files, why don’t you just but them on a external url, would that not solve that issue?


    • I love your product and want to purchase the video monthly 24.99, however, the plugin prevents me from receiving comment notifications. If you have a fix, I will immediately purchase the rest of your package.

      • Hi Dimarkco,

        We have never had a problem with our plugin preventing comment notifications. Can you tell us some more details like what other plugins you have installed?

  8. Great Plug-in!
    Just one issue: In wp 3.5 I’m not able to remove some menus: One menu from the theme , and another from the plug-in Contact Form 7, stay in the contributor dashboard, and they dont need it. Any idea? Thanks a lot!

  9. Hi!

    Very good plugin! Grat!

    But I use the wp-polls plugin and I can not allow it to be visible this menu item in rules editor.
    How can I solve this problem?

  10. Hello

    Is it possible to add more than 2 Welcome Panels?

    We will have 4 levels of subscribers that will each need access to different menus.

    Thank you

    • Hi Kelly,

      Sorry right now its not. The code for making welcome panels is pretty simple though, I would recommend creating your own little plugin to do that.


  11. Just a small request: please update the description in the plugin header due to the fact that this great plug-in has much more and more options than just whitelabelling.

    As some other plugins concerning the customization of the backend exist, it can get confusing after a few months, if you look for a certain option.

    E.g. i wondered why i couldn’t reactivate the category panel for posts in WP-CMS Post Control, when actually i had checked the option to hide it in both plug-ins – duh! – and completely forgot about it. I found the option after doing a plug-in update and checking the config screens for new features…

    Anyway, great work!

  12. Hopefully this hasn’t already been asked. If there was a way to make the settings install automatically?

    So on a fresh wordpress install, it runs automatically?

    So we can setup a base template for a white labels wordpress

    • Hi,

      This is the reason we built the import/export feature as it was a requirement we flagged as well. Just install WLCMS, go to import settings and you are done!


      • I’ve done exactly that, the issue is i’m looking to make a default version so that, when you run the install of wordpress, it immediately preloads the plugin with those settings.

        Is there something in the plugin itself, where i can preload a txt file and load in that .txt file straight away? like on activation of the plugin?

        • Or even better would be if you could load the settings from a txt file on an external server (through api if need be) then you could have one settings file, which you can send out to multiple installs. if you need to update the settings, it does it live across all of them.

          Or perhaps I’m jumping too far forward 🙂

  13. Great plugin! I love the fact that I could customize the login page. However, is there a way that, after clicking the Login button, to be directed to the main page of the site instead of the Dashboard or Profile? Thank you very much!

  14. A really amazing plugin indeed. Congratulations to all the dev team that made this.

    Just one simple question, is White Label CMS 1.4 fully compatible with WordPress 3.4.1? Or I do require to use 3.3?

    Thank a lot.

  15. quick question if i use the white label plug in for multi site how i make the choices for the first site stick on all the others?

    • Great question Luis.

      Can you please send a support ticket to us via the support tab at the top of the website so our dev’s can look at this?


  16. Hey,

    I have setup up this plugin on one website, i want to now export settings for the remaining sites.

    What would you recommend?


    • Sorry about the delayed response Vivek.

      We are about to release a new version of the White Label CMS plugin with an import/export feature.

      Stay tuned. Not long now.


  17. Hello, I love CMS, but the Appearance menu options do not seem to work. I have WP 3.3.2 and CMS 1.4.6 using a ThemeBlvd Responsive theme. I can’t get any of the submenus to show (ie. Menus, Widgets, etc). I saw in another post that you acklowledged this about 4 months ago. Please let me know. Thanks again for all your great work!

    • Sorry about the delayed response Mark.

      Are you stil having issues with White Label CMS plugin?

      If so please let us know via the support desk. Just click support in the main nav at the top of the site.

      This helps us track all bugs.


  18. This plugin looks like a great idea. I have noticed that it has some cross over with adminimize. However adminimize does what it does fully and completely, so I wish to keep using it. However this contributes new whitelabel functions that are also useful so I wish to use this also.

    This begs the question – do you want to eventually achieve what adminimize does to that same degree, or not? For a completely clean solution for the client, at this point, the two are needed, and in doing so, there is doubled up functionality.

    Not a big deal – it is still worth using both – but adminimize is a very mainstream plugin so this question is worth thinking about.

    Having said that – great work as the value this plugin adds fills a gap that is needed. thanks.

    • Thanks for the feedback Peter.

      Adminimize does have some awesome features that we have on the wishlist to incorporate.

      Thanks for the kind words and be sure to keep your eyes on this space.


  19. Hi. Very nice plugin, it really solves the problem I have been having with CMS’s.

    I just have a request: Option to Import/Export the settings I customized on “White Label CMS” plugin.
    I know every client can be diferent, but sometimes they don’t. And other times I could only change 1/2 settings to make it work correctly for another client.

    Thank you.

  20. Hey guys,

    Looks like a great plugin. My colleague James turned me on to it yesterday. Looks like we will be making a purchase soon. I can already think of several clients I wish I had this for before I handed them the keys.

  21. Awesome plugin chaps!

    Only just discovered it and am well chuffed. Really cuts down on dev time trying to tweak the backend.

    Not sure if this is the right place for feature requests, but would love to be able to create unlimited custom welcome widgets. I usually have 6+ user roles that can access the admin area and it would be cool if I could create a personal widget for each one.

  22. I’ve now used this great little plugin on quite a few client sites – thanks so much!

    I do have a concern though.

    For each client I need to set up different additional plugins, for example:
    – Store (Marketpress Lite)
    – Staff management modules
    – etc.

    Once I set up these modules, then get ready to hand-over to client, I discover to my horror that the Editor level will not be able to access the functionality I’ve added, as they can’t SEE the plugin in the sidebar.

    In the case of Marketpress Lite, the Editor can access the Products etc, but cannot ‘see’ the Settings for the Store (which gets turned Off by the CMS plugin).

    I find this very frustrating, and would like the CMS module to show:

    – a list of installed plugins
    – a checkbox beside each one
    – the ability to select what the Client/Editor should have visible in the Sidebar.

    For me this is the single most important feature which is missing.

    The is the main thing which causes me grief – the inability to give the Client/Editor access to something I’ve spent so much time setting up.

    I’ve only found one workaround once – an image gallery which had a checkbox to select ‘Editor’ access. I have yet to find any other plugin which has this, which means in many cases I have to give the client top-level Admin access, just to use one or two plugins (which are essential for their site).

    A solution for this would be outstanding!
    Thanks in advance

  23. Keep up the fantastic work! It’s great to see you staying current on updates and implementing requested features! Thank you.

    • This has been fixed in 1.4.1 which we just put out. Just refresh your browser after updating to force refresh the javascript which was causing the problem.


  24. Would love to see it with more control over the sub panels and includes settings of installed plugins.

    Like maybe I would like to let the user see the installed plugins but not let them click addnew plugins.

    Anyway, the way it is now is superb. Nice work! 🙂

  25. Excellent plugin.

    I would like to utilise it in a multisite that I am creating for my 6 secondary history classes. There will be more than 180 web sites in all.

    May I make a suggestion. Could it possible to have the option to utilise an absolute URL for the logo entry fields instead of simply relying on the use of the URL that points to the theme directory in the main site blog.

    I am not a php developer and I am not able to tweak the code myself although I tried.

    I thought that if an absolute URL that pointed to the various logos was utilised itwould enable an easier multisite install and not require me to individually set the parameters for all 180 or more sites.



    • Here here 🙂

      I finally decided to stop doing the custom functions.php and a combination of plugins to accomplish the various customizations our sites require and to go with the White Label Plugin. Just about finished our first install… we’ll update the other sites over the next period.

      RE: Logo Urls – oh yes!
      An absolute url would solve a number of issues for me:
      a) no need to upload the footer logo with each new WP install
      b) in the case where client changes themes – logo remains unaffected in dashboard

      Also: at present the child theme does not display logos – using the latest White Label CMS (version 1.3) I have to upload the logos to the parent theme in order for this to work.

      I second the motion for absolute urls!

      Thanks for the fantastic plugin 🙂

  26. Fantastic plugin – many thanks !
    However I have cause for concern which I hope you can allay.
    Currently running WLCMS 3.2.1 – after deactivating all plug-ins, with WP-Config debug displaying error messages I get many errors (E_Notices) appearing such as the following whilst logged into admin:
    Undefined index: id in /home/…/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/white-label-cms/wlcms-plugin.php on line 600
    Undefined index: page in /home/…/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/white-label-cms/wlcms-plugin.php on line 606
    Undefined index: action in /home/…/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/white-label-cms/wlcms-plugin.php on line 632′

    • Hi,

      Sorry, if I understand you correctly, then no, you can’t do that. The reason being that WLCMS is basically designed so that you give your clients Editor access, and you would use Admin access.


  27. Many thanks for a great plugin, however…
    On the top of my wishlist for next version would be to be able to add a menu item (a custom dashboard widget) to the list of menu items to be excluded from removal by WLCMS.

    I am attempting to use an events listing facility on my client’s website which they need to use themselves. Unfortunately WLCMS hides this.

  28. Awesome Plugin! Keep up the fantastic work… Thank you!

    Quick Fix: Under Customization, make Login Background Color optional. I have to delete it each time I click save to allow a transparent PNG logo on the login screen. The login screen just looks better without the white box all the way around it… It unfortunately defaults to #FFFFFF every time the screen is pulled up.

  29. Ability to grant access to specific plugins?

    I’m thinking of a specific scenario where we’re using the “Subscribe2Connect” plugin and the client keeps asking for a list of their subscribers. Would be much easier if I could just grant access to that specific plugin to the client.

  30. Hi, I **LOVE** White Label CMS, & have installed it for several clients already! woohoo!

    I’ve just discovered though that the Business Directory plugin, and the EZPZ One Click Backup plugin cannot be seen by the Editor (who needs access to them both) 🙁

    They both should appear below the Settings menu.

    Weirdly enough, Contact Form 7 plugin DOES appear below the Settings Menu for the Editor role …

    I’ve been searching online for a couple of hours, including reading all of the above, to find out how to solve this. Has anyone else added a Business Directory or a Backup solution with White Label CMS on a client site, which the Editor/client can actually access?

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated – thanks in advance!

    • Hi Mooshie,

      My only advise would be to modify the other plugins to make them so they are visible to editors (though this will break each time you update them). Doing this is fairly simple.

      If you take a look here, it shows you that you need to modify the capability:


      However, if you don’t understand this, then I probably would not recommend doing it.


  31. This plugin is such a help. What I would really love to see on both this and your manual plugin is support for other roles especially custom made roles.

    Thanks again.

  32. Hey there – Two things:

    1. I thought I saw in the overview video that the login url is changed to /login with this plugin – is this true and if so how do I activate it?

    2. I noticed if I disable widgets that it also hides this from admins… are others having this issue?

    P.S. Love this plugin.

  33. Hi,

    Are there any plans to include the ability to hide links in the new admin toolbar that was release with version 3.1?

    If I hide the posts menu in the dashboard it would be nice if it has got rid of the ‘Add New’ -> ‘Post’ link from the admin bar.


    • Hi Peter,

      We did not think of that. We are doing beta testing on the new version now, but only included the ability to remove the menu bar, not to modify it.

      We will investigate.


      • Hi,

        Would be good to see it added. Something else that would be good would be to hide the number of posts in the ‘Right Now’ box as well.

        If I have removed the posts menu from the right hand side then it makes sense to get rid of it from everywhere else.

        (of course if its possible?)

        Thanks Again

  34. Thanks so much for this amazing plugin.

    One issue I noticed is that when I check the boxes to show the Widgets and Menus options, it REMOVES the Themes option from my Administrator view. I agree this option should be disabled for the client (Editor), but it should remain visible to the Administrator. I know I can still access the Edit Themes page by entering the direct URL but it would be far more convenient to have the option button remain in the menu.

    Another suggestion is to move the custom logos outside of the Theme folder – this way the logos would remain even if the theme is changed. I think this has already been mentioned, but just wanted to add my two cents.

    Thanks for a great plugin – you’ve saved me loads of time! Cheers.

  35. Hey, I haven’t read any of the comments above so maybe this has already been mentioned, but I have a upgrade for your awesome plugin to make it at least partially internationalized. The problem is that the feature to hide left panel links within the WP admin area breaks for other languages. The reason is because you have the names of the links hardcoded in English. I fixed this with a simple code change, as follows. If you could incororpate this into future updates, I could continue to easily update your plugin. Thanks:

    **White Label CMS Hack
    Description: Added __(”,’default’) to hardcorded admin menu items to enable multi-lingual support
    File: \wp-content\plugins\white-label-cms\wlcms-plugin.php
    Function: remove_admin_menus
    Line: 212

    //i18n Localization Support:
    if (get_option(‘wlcms_o_hide_posts’)) { array_push($restrict_user,__(‘Posts’,’default’)); }
    if (get_option(‘wlcms_o_hide_media’)) { array_push($restrict_user,__(‘Media’,’default’)); }
    if (get_option(‘wlcms_o_hide_links’)) { array_push($restrict_user,__(‘Links’,’default’)); }
    if (get_option(‘wlcms_o_hide_pages’)) { array_push($restrict_user,__(‘Pages’,’default’)); }
    if (get_option(‘wlcms_o_hide_comments’)) { array_push($restrict_user,__(‘Comments’,’default’)); }
    if (get_option(‘wlcms_o_hide_tools’)) { array_push($restrict_user,__(‘Tools’,’default’)); }
    if (get_option(‘wlcms_o_hide_users’)) { array_push($restrict_user,__(‘Profile’,’default’)); }
    if (get_option(‘wlcms_o_hide_separator2’)) { $hideSeparator2 = true; } else { $hideSeparator2 = false; };

  36. There is an option to change the background of the login box, but where can I change the background behind the login box? Thanks!

    • Hi Chad,

      There is no option to do that. We were trying not to overload people with options, and this is why it was left out.


  37. Great plugin. I have used it with the Genesis framework and child themes by StudioPress. One issue is the logos are require to be saved in the Genesis framework images folder, rather than the child theme’s images directory. When the Genesis theme framework is updated it overwrites / removes the logo images. Is it possible to choose the image directory to overcome this issue? Many thanks.

  38. I’m using White Label CMS on WP Multisite and have my client sites hosted there. It seems that when I launch a site and domain map the clients domain to my multisite install, the custom login logo no longer shows.

    Its because the link is referencing the domain mapped url now. Problem is that the images are in folders on my multisite install.

    Any ideas how to fix. thanks for a great plugin

  39. The installation instruction call for logos are as follows:

    “Header Logo: custom-logo.gif
    Footer Logo: custom-logo.gif
    Custom Login Logo: custom-login-logo.gif”

    Why is the Header and Footer Logo, the same file name?
    I would like to put my customer’s log in the header and on login and my logo in the footer.

    Are these instructions a mistake? If not, how do I accomplish what I need to do?

    • Hi Ben,

      A lot of people like to set it up with their company branding in the header and the footer, this is why it is the same file. However you can change it to be what ever you want, and have 2 different files if you like.


  40. Wow amazing plugin and we have added the video manuals.

    One request, how do I setup all my clients CMS to use my logo in the footer but hosted on our website.

    If we change/update logo we’d like it to change all sites.

    We’ve tested using full URL to .png file and works in the browser but not in the settings.

    Are we required to put logo in /images directory of theme?

    • Hi,

      Glad you like the video manuals. I am sure you agree that it allows you as a web developer to have a very professional handover to your clients.

      Yes, the png file must go into the images folder of your active theme.

      We have had lots of feedback about this, and will be making this more flexible in future. Any more feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  41. If I hide other dashboard panels, it makes the change for the Super Admin also. Also, I would like to hide some of the panels on site dashboards, but not all of the panels which I do not believe your plug-in does at the moment.

    I would like to suggest that the Super Admin have the ability to choose to show or hide each of the panels individually on the dashboards of sites. Also, it’s not necessary but would be nice to be able to do the same for the Super Admin’ dashboard.

    • Hi,

      Yes, we have had a few people requests for this. We will definitely consider this for the next version.

      Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  42. There is a problem when trying to hide menus when WordPress is installed in French (and maybe other language). It’s not working.

    Correct line 225 like this:

    $f = create_function(‘&$v,$i’, ‘$v = __($v);’);

  43. Hi,

    Absolutely love the plugin, but I’m having issues with the custom images options (ie; logos). I place them in the images folder of the active theme as instructed in a .gif format. But I’m not able to see them even after I refresh or clear my cache.

  44. Hello!

    First I’d just like to say that your plug-in is great

    It works pretty fine but I had to do a little tweaking so it would work perfectly on my website. This was what I did:

    – I used the translate function (__();) on the remove_admin_menus() function in order for it to actually remove the menu items in any language.

    – I created functions and admin options to hide New Page buttons and menu item and still show the already created pages (if Hide Pages is off).

    – also created a function to hide Media Buttons from post creation page if Hide Media option is on.

    – lastly I created function and admin option to hide Screen Options and Help from the top right corner.

    I think that those options might come in handy for a lot of people! Mail me if you would like me to send you the source code.

      • Hi Keith,

        Try adding the following code to your theme’s functions.php file:

        < ?php // Hide admin 'Screen Options' tab function remove_screen_options_tab() { return false; } add_filter('screen_options_show_screen', 'remove_screen_options_tab'); ?>

        Hope that helps.


  45. Also, you should consider disabling the Favorite Actions menu in the upper right of the admin. Or having the option to disable specific favorites. This menu still allow editors to create posts and check comments among other things even if the Posts and Comments menus have been disabled with WLCMS.

  46. Great plugin, with one obvious oversight.

    Assuming the idea of white labeling is to remove WordPress branding, then the retention of WordPress urls in the address bar is a dead give away. Is there a way to customize the urls so that the wordpress references are replaced with a white label option?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the support. The wordpress urls are not a oversight. It is just something we don’t consider to be a priority. If you ever find something that does this, we would be interested to hear about it, but it is not part of our roadmap. Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.

  47. Hi,

    Many thanks for the great plugin!

    One question… I used a 3rd party theme for my client and if I use this plugin the extra menu, for the setting of this theme, is not displayed.
    Can I change this? The client is allowed to access this menu item.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for the kind words. The plugin should no effect any menus other that the core WordPress menus. Are you sure the problem is with the plugin, have you tried uninstalling the plugin to see if the menu appears. The only thing I can think of is if that menu appears as part of the Appearance menu. If that is the case, then if you are trying to give your client editors access, then there is not much you can do about that.

      Hope this helps.

  48. Thanks for this incredibly useful plugin!

    I don’t know if I’ve missed something though… I’m not sure how to allow a user with ‘editor’ privileges access to other plugins. eg. I use Nextgen gallery on several websites and would like the user to be able to manage the gallery themselves.

    The ability to toggle specific plugins on and off would make white-label-cms perfect for my needs!

    Is there any way to achieve this?

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for the support.

      Obviously it would be impossible for us to allow editors access to other plugins, but I believe it is possible in the Nextgen settings to allow editors access to Nextgen.


      • Trying out this plugin and happy with it. One thing that really bugged me was that a Newsletter plugin I had installed for a client wouldn’t show up when logged in as Editor and I had assumed it was this plugin.

        Reading the response to this similar problem here made me realise that the Newsletter plugin could be the issue so I checked and yes, it was set to show for Admin level only. I changed it to Editor and now that menu appears for my client.



  49. Hi there,

    I have to replace “template_directory” to “stylesheet_directory” so that images are fetched from the child themes instead. Hopefully you can include this fix in the next release.


    • Looking forward to an update here, so White Label works with child themes. Thanks for the quick fix. What a great tool! I’m surprised this small update hasn’t happened yet. Is there a more updated version of a plugin like this one I should be considering?

      • Hi Brett,

        Thanks for the feedback. The new version, started to snowball with new features and got a little bit out of control, so we are scaling back and trying to keep it simple (the reason why WLCMS is popular to begin with). I will let you know, how it is progressing.


  50. Hi there,

    This is a fantastic little plugin. Nicely done.

    One thing I was wondering was how can this be integrated as a solution for those offering simple websites for their clients. What I mean is, lets say that I have a main website. From this main website I want to allow users to sign up and get wordpress so that they can create there own mini websites. I don’t want to go through the hassle of having to manually do this. Is there a plugin for this. will this plugin do this for me?

    Thank-you for the great plugin

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the kind words. Forgive me if I have misunderstood what you meant, but isn’t the functionality that you are asking for exactly what WordPress Multisite does?


  51. Really like this plugin. There is however one thing that annoys me: if you deactivate the plugin, and then activate it again, it forgets all your settings. I think it should remember everything, because (at least I do so) often you enabel/disable plugins when you’re developing.

    • Hi Pär,

      Thanks for the idea, but I don’t think we will be implementing this because we think it is better to leave a clean database if the plugin is un-installed rather on the off chance you are turning the plugin on or off. Do you not find it annoying when you see your database is bloated with plugin meta information that you don’t use anymore.

      Again, though if more people ask for this, we will consider it.


      • Thank you first for a fantastic Plugin!

        How do you recommend someone test out possible issues with plugins and wordpress? I was disappointed when I found out all my settings were gone, when I just wanted to test. Can I move it out of the directory, then move it back in to disable and save settings? Please consider keeping the settings on deactivation or have an uninstall button like I’ve seen a number of plugins use now (or Delete Settings).

      • I agree about leaving a clean database, but I would love to see some way of importing our white label settings through some kind of XML jumpstart/boilerplate file so that deploying the plugin time & time again doesn’t require manually inputting the same settings time & time again.

  52. It would be awesome to be able to have the plugin designed in such a way that I could have it always customized to my business and just have to change the clients info. Even to the point where my logo is pre-packaged in the plugin. Great plugin! Keep up the great work guys!

    • Hi Daniel,

      We totally agree with what you have said. The White Label CMS plugin is designed for small business owners who will use in a very similar way each time, and so it would be nice to have a config file similar to Video User Manuals which would allow a one click setup of your favourite preferences.

      If more people ask for this, we will consider it for the next version.


  53. Hi,

    Great work with the plugin, one thing I was wondering was if it was possible to remove the [You are using WordPress 3.0.1] message from the bottom of the [Right Now] panel on the dashboard?


  54. I’m using your latest version of the plugin on a fresh wp 3.0 install.

    Is there a way that when creating separate login logos for each mini site, the image link doesnt direct back to the root of the multisite install?

    thanks for a great plugin. and your usermanual too 😉

    • Hi Paul,

      Sorry, there is no way to do this built into the plugin. However, if you want to get your hands dirty, it is really easy to modify. In the code, just search for “loginalt()” and make the change there. It is quite simple.

      We seem to be getting a lot of requests about mulitsite functionality. We might look to create a new menu option to group and handle these requests in the latest version.


  55. This plugin is utterly superb. Fantastic.

    My one question is what you covered right at the end there – is it possible in a future release to be able to install it through a multisite network and NOT need to access each individual site (in my case 1200+!!) to make it work?

  56. also renaming of the wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes to remove the wp- prefix would be nice to have. (.htaccess ?)

  57. Great plugin. Have just swapped over from another branding one.

    A couple of requests;

    – Hide or possibly change the favorite-actions dropdown at the top of the admin page.

    – Hide “screen options”

    – Hide / change text on Help button

    – Ability to set a default logo. ie unless a site is updated with customers logo it will default to a given image. (Possible just check default theme directory?)


    • Hi Mark,

      Great suggestions. Definitely will do the 4th one on the next release. Will make so that if you delete the filename, the default image will appear.


    • I would also love to have the logo for the custom login be the same for all of the websites created in WordPress multisite. I would also like the ability to select each field to be the same as the default selected in the super admin so the Developer Website URL, Developer Website Name and other fields would not have to be changed for each site unless I want to go into the particular site and change it.

  58. It’s a great plugin, but you really should have the custom logos be something you can toggle. Your plug-ins should never “break” the wordpress admin.

    • Hi Nathan,

      I take it by break, you mean having an missing image if you have not uploaded one yet. Having a toggle is something we will consider for the future, but you are only the second person to request that so far. We are wary of having too many options, but a good way of doing it would be that if you left to logo input field blank, it would default to the original WordPress logo. Would that solution be acceptable?


  59. Hi !

    Great, and thanks !

    Well, it would be great to have a “per site” rebrandind. So that subscribers on siteX.doman.com will see the logo of the site, not the network one 🙂

    • Hi,

      If you are referring to WordPress 3 multi site, as you can see from the intro video, this should now be possible.


  60. when i log out of the admin section the login page has my logo but i hover over it and its still says wordpress and the link points to wordpress. any ideas on how to change this?

  61. Hello!

    I would love to make a suggestion. Will be really nice to have the possibility of which submenu items from “Appearance” can see the client.

    For example, we need now that the customer can modify the menu, with editor role, but can’t touch widgets, custom background or color, custom header image or widgets.

    Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Great suggestion! Something we have been thinking about ourselves, so we have implemented it in version 1.2 . You can now make Widgets or Menus to available to editors. Custom background, headers, etc are controlled by the theme, so if you want to remove those, you have to modify your theme.


      • Hi, i really like your plugin, it’s great!
        But is it possible to only show ‘menu’s’ from the ‘appereance’ menu? I think many people want to give their clients access to the menu area so they can create their own menu’s without them having to see all the submenu ‘theme’s’ for example.

        Hope to hear (good news), thanks!

    • Hi,

      Version 1.2 definitely works on WordPress 3. Thanks for the kind words. We think we have made it even better and would love to hear your feedback.


  62. Hi

    Great plugin and very good job.

    I just hope, you can use WP 3.0 Multi sites Network features to apply settings to all the sites. That away the same brand is applied for all sites of the network.

    It will be very nice if you can implement this feature


    • Hi Gee,

      If you check out the video above, I think this is what you requested. Be sure the activate the plugin network wide, and then for each site, go in hit the save button on the White Label CMS in order to customise it for each site.


  63. I like the plugin, but I would suggest that we have the option to toggle on/off for:

    – Custom Header Logo
    – Custom Footer Logo
    – Developer Website URL & Name
    – Custom Login Logo
    – Login Background Color

    Once those options are there, I’ll be using this everywhere!

  64. Thanks for taking the time to put this plugin together. I’ll be trying it out on my next project – and report back with feedback. I think there’s a lot of scope to extend WP as a CMS as we get into WordPress 3. Until then, thanks for now! Regards, Jason

  65. Hi
    Thank you for this plugin, it helps me a lot.
    One feature I’d like to request is the ability to inject custom CSS to the login page, because sometime the “Forgot your password” link color doesn’t work well with the custom background color.

  66. Hello there! First off I just want to congratulate you and thank you for giving us this amazing plugin! I gave it a 5 star rating as it works like a charm! Secondly I would like to request the ability to add new custom dashboard panels and also to select the position you want them in.

    So, at the moment is it possible to add additional custom panels? At the moment you are only allowed to have one but I require multiple ones and in different positions. The default WordPress has a two column layout so I need at least one more custom panel to appear in the right column. Thanks in advance!

    Anyone else interested on this request? Please reply this at

  67. Something like this is missing a long time in wordpress!

    It would be great if you would support disableing or renaming sites in the wp-admin sidbear 🙂

  68. Hi, just a head’s up, the link to your plugin home page on the wordpress listing is wrong! It’s missing the .com from the domain name and so results in the page appearing unavailable when clicking the link. Pls sort. Fantastic plugin by the way, Will be very useful for my clients, and make thing much easier to explain – well done! 😀

    • Thanks for the feedback, the response has been great so far. The link has now been fixed.

      We would love to hear any ideas on how we can improve the plugin in the future.

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