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White Label CMS 1.5

If you’re a web developer building websites for clients using WordPress, you probably spend a bit of time explaining all the references to WordPress in their new dashboard. The login URL (wp-login.php), the login screen, the dashboard and all the admin menu items can be confusing. The White Label CMS plugin allows you to customise the entire client experience including the login URL, login screen, dashboard and admin menus.

Quick Overview of the White Label CMS Plugin

Feature Requests & Support

Got a feature request for WLCMS, let us know here. Got a support question, head on over to the support forums.

New In White Label CMS 1.5

You asked for it, so we’ve added a new import/export feature to the White Label CMS plugin. This allows you to setup White Label CMS even faster, and if you have a preferred setup, replicating it is now possible with just a couple of clicks. To learn more about this feature click here.

We have also added a RSS widget which you can add to the dashboard. Once you hand over a site to the clients, your relationship with the client should not end there. If you put your own business feed into your clients dashboard, your client can easily keep in contact with what your up to. Just ran a successful SEO campaign for one of your clients? Now all your clients will know about it! This is accessible through the dashboards panel. Read more about this feature here.

Version 1.4 includes lots of new changes designed specifically for the new admin interface in WordPress 3.4. They are as follows:

  • The ability to add your logo to the dashboard
  • Add more than one welcome dashboard
  • Add custom CSS to the login page
  • It now supports child themes (or most requested feature)
  • And much much more


Watch this short video to get started using the import/export feature in the new version of the White Label CMS plugin.

To import the settings from another installation of White Label CMS simply click the import button and upload the setting file.

If you want to export the current settings you have 3 possible options and they all relate to the images that you are currently using in the plugin on the site.

Export settings of WLCMS

Yes: Selecting this option will export all the images you have added from external sites, the filename of any images you have uploaded yourself to the theme/images folder, and the path to the images you uploaded using the media uploader. This means that when you import the settings to a new domain, any images that were uploaded using the media uploader, will point to the original domain. E.G. If you uploaded images using the media uploader and the domain name is http://abc-widgets.com, when you import your settings to your new site at http://abc-news.com, the image paths will still point to http://abc-widgets.com. It is unlikely that you will want this, which is why it is not the default option.
No: This will not include any images uploaded in the media uploader, but will include any external images, and the filename of any images you have uploaded to the theme/images folder. This is probably the option you are going to use the most often which is why it is the default setting.
Partial: Any images that where uploaded using the media uploader will now have the old domain name replaced by the domain of the new installation. External images and the filename of any images you have uploaded to the theme/images folder remain unchanged.

It’s actually quite simple. Watch the video for clarity.

RSS Widget

Watch this video to learn how to setup an RSS dashboard panel in your clients dashboard. This is a great way to stay top of mind with your clients every time they login.

The Dashboard Logo

The first thing you will notice in version 3.4 of WordPress is the new admin bar/ This really reduces the branding opportunities for web developers who want to hand over sites to their clients which are branded for their clients. We thought about this a lot, and decided the best option was allow users to change the dashboard logo and text, so they can brand it with their clients logos.

White Label CMS

You can also change the 16 pixel logo in the admin bar for your own version, but lets face it, how many of your clients have a logo that looks good at 16 pixels?

The branding on your dashboard might not seem like much, but we think it will make a big difference to how your clients view their CMS. If you disagree, then you don’t have to use it. This options is turned off by default.

There Is More

We developed this plugin to have these vital features which every professional WordPress developer needs:

  • Choose what menus appear using 3 CMS profiles: Website, Blog or Custom
  • The ability to remove navigation menus for user roles of editors and below (perfect for clients!)
  • The ability to make widgets and menus available to editors
  • The ability to remove all panels from the dashboard
  • The ability to add your own ‘welcome’ panel to the dashboard
  • The ability to customize the head and footer logos
  • The ability to customize the login logo (and we have removed the WordPress alt text)
  • The ability to hide the nag update
  • This has been tested on WordPress multi sites
  • Use /login instead of /wp-login.php (must use permalinks in order for this to work)

No longer will you have to tell your clients to ignore the dashboard!

Current Release

The current release is version 1.5 This version works in WordPress 3.3 and above.

Please note that if you grant the editor privileges in order to view the widgets and menu page, it is possible in theory that if the editor types in the correct url to switch themes, they will be able to do so. We have removed all links to switch themes for the editor, however we want you to be aware that this is possible, however remotely.

You can download it from the White Label CMS WordPress Plugin Page


This plugin was inspired through both our own experiences/needs and these great articles: Cats who code, Smashing Magazine, Net Tutsplus, Craig Buckler and by our own hard working developers here at Video User Manuals.

What Would You Like To See In The Next Version?

We would love to hear how you are using the plugin, so please leave your comments below!

168 thoughts on “White Label CMS WordPress Plugin

  1. also renaming of the wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes to remove the wp- prefix would be nice to have. (.htaccess ?)

  2. Great plugin. Have just swapped over from another branding one.

    A couple of requests;

    – Hide or possibly change the favorite-actions dropdown at the top of the admin page.

    – Hide “screen options”

    – Hide / change text on Help button

    – Ability to set a default logo. ie unless a site is updated with customers logo it will default to a given image. (Possible just check default theme directory?)


    • Hi Mark,

      Great suggestions. Definitely will do the 4th one on the next release. Will make so that if you delete the filename, the default image will appear.


    • I would also love to have the logo for the custom login be the same for all of the websites created in WordPress multisite. I would also like the ability to select each field to be the same as the default selected in the super admin so the Developer Website URL, Developer Website Name and other fields would not have to be changed for each site unless I want to go into the particular site and change it.

  3. It’s a great plugin, but you really should have the custom logos be something you can toggle. Your plug-ins should never “break” the wordpress admin.

    • Hi Nathan,

      I take it by break, you mean having an missing image if you have not uploaded one yet. Having a toggle is something we will consider for the future, but you are only the second person to request that so far. We are wary of having too many options, but a good way of doing it would be that if you left to logo input field blank, it would default to the original WordPress logo. Would that solution be acceptable?


  4. Hi !

    Great, and thanks !

    Well, it would be great to have a “per site” rebrandind. So that subscribers on siteX.doman.com will see the logo of the site, not the network one 🙂

    • Hi,

      If you are referring to WordPress 3 multi site, as you can see from the intro video, this should now be possible.


  5. when i log out of the admin section the login page has my logo but i hover over it and its still says wordpress and the link points to wordpress. any ideas on how to change this?

  6. Hello!

    I would love to make a suggestion. Will be really nice to have the possibility of which submenu items from “Appearance” can see the client.

    For example, we need now that the customer can modify the menu, with editor role, but can’t touch widgets, custom background or color, custom header image or widgets.

    Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Great suggestion! Something we have been thinking about ourselves, so we have implemented it in version 1.2 . You can now make Widgets or Menus to available to editors. Custom background, headers, etc are controlled by the theme, so if you want to remove those, you have to modify your theme.


      • Hi, i really like your plugin, it’s great!
        But is it possible to only show ‘menu’s’ from the ‘appereance’ menu? I think many people want to give their clients access to the menu area so they can create their own menu’s without them having to see all the submenu ‘theme’s’ for example.

        Hope to hear (good news), thanks!

    • Hi,

      Version 1.2 definitely works on WordPress 3. Thanks for the kind words. We think we have made it even better and would love to hear your feedback.


  7. Hi

    Great plugin and very good job.

    I just hope, you can use WP 3.0 Multi sites Network features to apply settings to all the sites. That away the same brand is applied for all sites of the network.

    It will be very nice if you can implement this feature


    • Hi Gee,

      If you check out the video above, I think this is what you requested. Be sure the activate the plugin network wide, and then for each site, go in hit the save button on the White Label CMS in order to customise it for each site.


  8. I like the plugin, but I would suggest that we have the option to toggle on/off for:

    – Custom Header Logo
    – Custom Footer Logo
    – Developer Website URL & Name
    – Custom Login Logo
    – Login Background Color

    Once those options are there, I’ll be using this everywhere!

  9. Thanks for taking the time to put this plugin together. I’ll be trying it out on my next project – and report back with feedback. I think there’s a lot of scope to extend WP as a CMS as we get into WordPress 3. Until then, thanks for now! Regards, Jason

  10. Hi
    Thank you for this plugin, it helps me a lot.
    One feature I’d like to request is the ability to inject custom CSS to the login page, because sometime the “Forgot your password” link color doesn’t work well with the custom background color.

  11. Hello there! First off I just want to congratulate you and thank you for giving us this amazing plugin! I gave it a 5 star rating as it works like a charm! Secondly I would like to request the ability to add new custom dashboard panels and also to select the position you want them in.

    So, at the moment is it possible to add additional custom panels? At the moment you are only allowed to have one but I require multiple ones and in different positions. The default WordPress has a two column layout so I need at least one more custom panel to appear in the right column. Thanks in advance!

    Anyone else interested on this request? Please reply this at

  12. Something like this is missing a long time in wordpress!

    It would be great if you would support disableing or renaming sites in the wp-admin sidbear 🙂

  13. Hi, just a head’s up, the link to your plugin home page on the wordpress listing is wrong! It’s missing the .com from the domain name and so results in the page appearing unavailable when clicking the link. Pls sort. Fantastic plugin by the way, Will be very useful for my clients, and make thing much easier to explain – well done! 😀

    • Thanks for the feedback, the response has been great so far. The link has now been fixed.

      We would love to hear any ideas on how we can improve the plugin in the future.

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