Option To Add Custom User Manuals

An option to add custom user manuals so we could add instructions to use custom functionality we’ve built for clients. We just upload it to Amazon S3 in the appropriate format and link it so it works just like the user manual that comes with the plugin.
**Bonus points if we can integrate it into the existing manual. I.e. allow current manual to dynamically pull content into a custom manual section.

gabe shared this idea ยท December 21, 2012

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7 thoughts on “Option To Add Custom User Manuals

  1. Ditto. I would love to be able to add links to my own PDFs to the Manual page. (I added it manually on the plugin.php file – but it would be better not to hardcode it.) Using the same method as adding a custom video, for example.

  2. Yes, just to clarify, it could be similar to how you handle the videos. Could be just a link to an online doc (PDF) somewhere that we could assign a title and/or description to as well. Seems like it would be pretty easy and very valuable. ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Since we customize WordPress so much, I’d like the ability to add a custom written manual (PDF is fine with us) in addition to the manual of WordPress basics that you have.

    Similar to the way you add the ability to add custom videos before yours. Sometimes we provide written docs instead.


  4. To be able to customise the written user manual in the same way we can customise the videos would be awesome i.e. show/hide sections and add our own sections.

    • Yes, I’m referring to the written manual, sorry for not clarifying. With custom themes and functionality it’d be nice to include my own written documentation/screenshots just as seamlessly as the written manuals are included to complement the custom videos.

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