Improve Custom Video Options

1)Under Custom Videos, radio button selection, Display at: o top o bottom and, accordingly, display the block(s) of custom videos either above (as now) or below the primary videos.

2) Under Custom Videos, drop down selection similar to Number of Custom Videos, at the top of the page (first item), Number of Sections which then displays the selected number of sections, each as exists now (number of videos, title, etc., video 1, video 2, etc.) allowing for custom videos to be broken into separately titled groups.

3) Under Branding & Customization, add last item to list, similar to current last item (Custom Video Placeholder), Custom Video Thumbnail which, if a valid URL to image is provided, will replace the provided (unique) thumbnail on each video with one (general) graphic (the same on each) allowing for branding of all videos on the page (custom and internal).


Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD. shared this idea ยท November 4, 2013

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