Editing Profile page

Anything in the works to edit the “Profile” page of subscribers?

There seems to be many who do not want subscribers to access that section, and many have used “Hide Admin” and other plugins that hide the bar. That, however, is causing problems when someone used the “lost password” links and can’t get into the profile panel to make the change, or reset.

Like me, I don’t them accessing that profile page for that, but would love to be able to eliminate much of the other info in there like all the website and social media links color picker, etc…

Even calling it a “Profile” page causing confusion in my site as it is a directory site that they have created a listing or profile on.
So seeing that admin bar with the Welcome dropdown that reads “edit my profile” is not good.

OK thanks for reading my ramble, but did want to give a clear understanding of what I mean.

shared this idea ยท January 12, 2016

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