Embed Videos

Embed WordPress Videos On Your Membership Site


You can now embed all of our videos (or individual videos) in your membership website for your clients. As you can see, it only takes a few seconds to add our shortcodes to your membership pages.

Your license allows you to nominate one domain name where you can embed all of our videos. You must have the plugin installed for the embed codes to work.

We have been listening to your requests and we have now included the ability to embed our videos on your membership site for your customers via a short code. You can include all of our videos, individual videos or collections of videos in as many short codes as you like on your membership site. So for example, if you want to build a page that shows your members how to use WooCommerce, you can embed all of our WooCommerce videos on that page using one short code or you could display them individually using several short codes.

This opens up huge possibilities for you to attract members to your website and give them access to the best premium WordPress video tutorials available. The videos will always display the latest version of WordPress so you can be confident that your members will always be watching the latest videos available.

Custom Videos

What about all the custom videos that you make to your clients teaching them how to add testimonials and other custom functionality that you have written for them? The good news is as long as you include the custom videos in the plug-in our short codes will allow you to embed those custom videos on your membership website as well.

White Labelled

Of course all of our videos are completely white labelled so there is no mention of us anywhere.  You can even put your own logo on the videos and take all the credit. We have always been white labelled from the start and we always will be.

Can I Sell Access To My Membership Site Using Your WordPress Videos?

Of course you can. In fact we would encourage you to do that.

What’s a Membership Site?

Our definition of a membership site is a website that requires you to login with username and password. For obvious reasons you cannot embed the videos on a publicly available website. If you do embed the videos on a publicly available website, you will be in breach of your licence and will revoke your serial number and your videos will no longer work. So please play nice with us and we will play nice with you.

How Many Domains?

You can embed our videos on one domain name only. If you ever want to change that domain you can reset it in the members area. If you want to embed our videos on a second domain name, you will need to purchase a second serial number.