Homepage Plugin

Allowing your clients to edit their homepage has always been a cumbersome task. You normally have 3 options:

1. You rely on a third party theme to provide an interface, which usually creates more problems than it solves, because you need to give them admin access, its normally branded by the theme developer etc. etc.

2. You built it as widgets yourself, but lets be honest, that tight column down the right hand side with the myriad or options also takes time to explain, and has the potential to really cause problems when clients start adding and removing widgets.

3. You can set up a page and assign it to be the homepage, which is fine if you just have a text and a title, but what if the homepage is more complex than that?

Does this pain sound familiar? That’s why we built the homepage plugin.

What Does It Do?



  • WordPress 3.5
  • Does not work with multi-site yet
  • You must have php and theme knowledge!