Subject: WordPress Wednesday Issue #92
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Thursday, July 23, 2015
You're in the Game of Marketing
Kim Doyal
You didn't get into your current business because marketing was your passion, but like it or not, marketing plays a huge role in your success. So why aren't you focussing more on your own marketing?
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Recurring Revenue Conversation [Periscope]
Troy Dean / Dan Norris
Troy pops his Periscope cherry with Dan Norris in this informative conversation about recurring revenue.
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Income Reports Roundup July 2015
In a gesture of transparency, a number of WordPress related companies broadcast their income reports for all to see. Whether you agree with this modus operandi or not, the results are always interesting!
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Could You Be Suffering from BSHS?
Kimberly Lipari
Do you suffer from business services hoarding syndrome? A lot of businesses do. Not sure what it is? Read this article and see if you are in the clear!
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WP Elevation Podcast #92 - Dustin Hartzler
Troy Dean
On today’s episode of WP Elevation we’re talking with Dustin Hartzler, a happiness engineer at Automattic and the host of the Your Website Engineer podcast. His podcast is consistently at the top of the Google search rankings and in the iTunes search results for WordPress podcasts.
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8 Common Worries That Aren’t Worth Stressing About
Susie Moore
Are you a worrier? It's the biggest waste of time and energy, but bad habits can be hard to break. This article will help you see why worrying about certain things is just plain stoopid!
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Traffic and Conversion Summit Sydney
Troy Dean
Troy was a guest speaker at the recent Traffic and Conversion Summit in Sydney. Take a sneak-peek behind the scenes and ask him any questions you have about presenting at conferences.
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