WordPress Wednesday Issue #80
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
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Dear Younger Me: 4 Smart Things That Would Have Changed My Small Business Life
Clate Mask
My younger years would have been easier had I known then these four smart things I know now...
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Becoming ‘The Client Whisperer’ Vol2
Kimberly Lipari
The number one rule when presenting any information that is valuable is to be direct. Direct does not mean rude. That may seem like an unnecessary distinction but I promise you it’s an important one to make for two reasons...
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Productivity Tips and Tools
Troy Dean
Troy talks with WP Elevation Melbourne member Simon Kelly about productivity tools, client communication and the pros and cons of working from home. Tune in for some great advice on staying focused and expert tips on time-saving tools.
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5 Surprising Reasons Why Good Podcasts Fail to Get Noticed
Jon Nastor
Here are the five reasons that good podcasts fail to reach a wider audience and get the attention they deserve...
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Episode #77 Remkus de Vries
Troy Dean
In this interview, Remkus shares some insights about how he got hooked on the Internet and WordPress, how to self-hypnotize, and how to avoid getting too invested in one's stress.
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How to Get Loyal Instagram Followers & Keep Them Forever
Mitt Ray
Do you use Instagram to promote your business? If not, learn why you should start using Instagram for your brand. Be it a business or a blog, Instagram marketing can give you effective results in a short time.
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