WordPress Wednesday Issue #79
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
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How to Submit a Plugin to the WordPress Repository
Ben Lobaugh has some guidelines on what can and cannot be included in a plugin in order to get it approved. Here is an overview...
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A Letter for all WordPress Newbies
Troy Dean
Dear WordPress Newbie, Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress. Let me show you around. My name is Troy Dean and I’ve been in here for about 8 years now. I’ve recently taken it upon myself to give newcomers like you a guided tour...
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How to Do Your Own WordPress Updates
Ron Johnson
It is easy to avoid being hacked. All you need to do to avoid 99.9% of issues is to keep WordPress and your plugins up to date. Here are the steps to do this yourself...
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6 Tips for Working From Coffee Shops
Mario Preshev
Ever since I started freelancing full-time, I’ve been regularly working from coffices. Leaving the corporate world behind and being tired of commuting for 3 hours a day, I was finally able to adjust my daily schedule, find out when I’m most productive and establish a model that keeps my efficiency up and running.
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Q&A with Jon Hicks, Iconographer for Mozilla, MailChimp & Woo
Marina Pape
Whether you’ve heard of him or not, your eyes have admired the work of Jon Hicks. He's the iconographer behind the logos and mascots for Mozilla, MailChimp, Skype and Spotify...
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The Evolution of Your WordPress Business
Kim Doyal
When I first started my business, it was never my intention to do websites. I thought I would get into information marketing, sell a few Ebooks, maybe make some money with Adsense and become a millionaire, because that’s just how easy it is, right?
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How Game Of Thrones Shows You One Way To Get Your Customer's Attention
Roger Dooley
There’s solid science behind capturing people's attention. You can use the same factors that are used in Game of Thrones to do just that in your business.
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Episode #76 Jason Lemieux
Troy Dean
Thinking about transitioning from client services into a product company? Jason Lemieux has got the right plugin for you...
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