WordPress Wednesday Issue #77
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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Selling software is like selling cars
Matt Medeiros
When you’re forced to make sales happen in an industry saturated in competition, with a customer base that would rather see a dentist than chat with you — there’s plenty of lessons to learn.
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10 Non-Programmers Tips For Optimizing WordPress Site Speed
Ditsa Keren
If you’re a blogger or a webmaster, and you have a hard time dealing with complex PHP and FTP files, this article is for you!
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Episode #73 Hugh MacLeod
Troy Dean
If you’re struggling to find clients, or just interested in an inspiring story of one man’s unlikely path to success, take a listen to Hugh MacLeod's interview. It's well worth it.
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Evolving Beyond The Conversion With Neil Hoyne
Measurement is constantly evolving, and while metrics by themselves each tell us something interesting, they do not necessarily tell the whole story.
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How Much Does a DIY WordPress Website Cost in 2015?
Kristi Hines
If you’re thinking about starting a WordPress website or blog, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask yourself is “how much does a website cost?"...
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3 Problem Clients, 3 Useful Strategies
Gin McInneny
When you know someone’s personality type, you can work out the best way to communicate with them in order to gain their trust and improve the communication channels.
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Mobile-friendly sites and SEO
Thijs de Valk
Prepare yourself for the Google algorithm update on April 21st.
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