WordPress Wednesday Issue #74
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
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It’s Not Just About WordPress
Kim Doyal
For many online business owners WordPress is the foundation and hub of everything they do online. In reality though, WordPress is just the beginning…
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10 Reasons Why You Should Spend $10 Per Week on Facebook Advertising
Jason Parks
Facebook has a great source of web traffic for your business that can generate leads. If you have the extra change in your pocket, here are some reasons why its worth investing...
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Episode #71 Garth Koyle
Troy Dean
This week’s feature guest is Garth Koyle of Event Espresso. He wants to grow his business into a $100 million dollar revenue company - tune in to find out more about the plan...
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More trouble than it's worth
Seth Godin
When you do the work that others can't possibly imagine doing, you set yourself apart.
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15 Plugins and Tools Every Developer & Freelancer Needs
Brandon Yanofsky
Building a WordPress website is a complex task. Whenever possible though, we want to try and make that task as easy and efficient as possible. So I asked a few of the top WordPress developers what tools and plugins they use. Here is a list of what they recommend…
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How Being In A Band Taught Me To Be A Better Web Designer
Jeremy Girard
I am not suggesting that all web designers should run out and join a band, however, many of the skills I honed while playing in a band have contributed to my success as a web designer...
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Bing Webmaster Tools: Reports and Data
Michiel Heijmans
We’ll be going over a number of pages, and try to explain what information is available and how this can help you improve your website..
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