WordPress Wednesday Issue #72
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
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A Business Model Review
Chris Lema
If I were to tell you that there was an easier way to give you guidance without knowing any of your business details, you’d likely not believe me. I get that. But what if I were right?
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How to Measure Social ROI on Facebook Ads
Ana Gotter
In this article you’ll discover how to measure and analyse the Social ROI for your Facebook ads so you can assess which ads are worth running again.
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Is Your Developer Using a Staging Environment On Your Site?
Brandon Yanofsky
In today’s article, I’ll explain exactly what a staging environment is and show you how you can set up your own staging environment.
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Podcast Episode #69 Curtis McHale
Troy Dean
$1 million a year in revenue is what Curtis McHale is aiming for in 2015. Curtis is a freelance WordPress consultant from Canada who shares his knowledge freely on this episode of the podcast.
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6 Principles to Adopt to Find Your Future Wealth
Timothy Sykes
If your goals for this year include building wealth, then consider taking these six principles to heart.
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