WordPress Wednesday Issue #71
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
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Your Business or Your Client’s Business?
Kim Doyal
One of the biggest challenges with running a service based business (especially one that runs on the internet) is that it’s easy to get caught up in doing client work and forgetting that you need to keep your site up to date, fresh and relevant.
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The First Hire: Employee or Freelancer?
Miles Young
It may seem as though an employee and a freelancer are the same things. The reality, however, is that they are different. Not only are there laws in place that define what each type of work is, there are laws that dictate how they can and cannot be employed.
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Becoming ‘The Client Whisperer’ Vol.1
Kimberly Lipari
Working a few key words into your day to day conversations will help to grow and maintain client relationships with no extra work or cost on your end.
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Episode #68 Kim Gjerstad from
Troy Dean
Kim Gjerstad is one of four founders of MailPoet, an email newsletter plugin for WordPress. Let’s learn how Kim and his team have used the freemium model to grow their business.
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42 Ways To Scare Off Your Customers With Bad Website Design
Firepole Marketing
You’ve worked too hard on building your business to lose prospective clients because of web usability mistakes. Here are some of the most common bad website design traps that you may have fallen into...
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