WordPress Wednesday Issue #68
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Demanding a Price
Chris Lema
We’ve all been in this situation more times than we care to talk about. The moment when we’ve heard a few details from a prospect about a project they’re considering hiring us for... and then they want the ballpark figure now!
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Optimizing images for SEO
Nicole Kohler
What if expressing your gratitude could grow your social media following, boost your website conversions, or even attract new customers and leads?
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WPE Podcast #65 Justin Sternberg from WebDev Studios
Troy Dean
Justin Sternberg is lead developer at WebDev Studios. Their clients include Microsoft, MSNBC, Boston Magazine, LiveFyre, and TIME. Their plug-ins include BadgeOS, Custom Post Type UI and Apppresser among others. But more importantly Justin understands the value in saying “no.”
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Truthiness And Consequences: Today's Consumer Trend Of Values-Based Shopping
Micah Solomon
Regardless of their age, customers today have unprecedented choices available to them, a situation that has created an opportunity to buy based on convictions, which was a much harder task decades ago.
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How to create the right meta description How to create the right meta description
Michiel Heijmans
Everyone gets the idea, but little of us actually take the time to write a proper meta description for your article of page. Where to start? What’s right and wrong?
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