WordPress Wednesday Issue #66
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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Changes to EU VAT Legislation: How It Impacts WordPress Users
Shaun Quarton
EU is introducing new VAT legislation, which could have huge consequences for tens of thousands of online businesses.
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Visual Builders for WordPress + Opportunities
Kim Doyal
The front-end builders and editors have changed all backend editors and in theory it will make our lives more easier...
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What to Expect in Web Design in 2015
Jonathan Cutrell
Twelve months ago we posted some predictions about what we would see (and not see) in 2014. It struck a cord with all of you, so we’ve decided to do the same thing this year!
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Episode #64 Dave Hecker
Troy Dean
Dave Hecker is here to help us successfully outsource development work so we can grow. Dave understands all too well why most outsourcing projects fail and offers some great advice to make sure we are amongst the few who succeed.
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Are You a Pilot or a Passenger in Your Own Life?
Michael Hyatt
One of the most obvious things about the future is that we are not there yet. The question for us as we start a New Year is whether to drift or direct our lives where we want them to go.
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