WordPress Wednesday Issue #64
Quick tips to help you build a better WordPress business
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
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Unlimited insights from your web and mobile sites
We're excited about this shiny new toy. It shows how visitors are really using your site. Packed full of gems like Heatmaps, visitor playback, funnel analysis and online surveys, you can get access to the closed beta here.
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Free Template: Determine Your SMART Marketing Goals
We've found another Christmas present for you... HubSpot has a free (and very cool) template to help you determine your SMART marketing goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, andTime-bound). Perfect for setting your new year's business goals.
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Are you talking to the right people when you set new goals?
Kimberly Lipari
There is a need for someone to communicate on the ‘house rules' of WordPress. Let me explain...
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Episode #61 Ben Stickland
Troy Dean
Ben Stickland spent two years making very little money as a web developer. Now he makes lots of money again selling complex custom websites to large organisations and marketing software to small business.
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Can I really take a social media vacation?
Lance Ulanoff
Stories about unplugging for the holidays abound at this time of year. Most deal with shutting down email and counsel leaving the computer behind. It’s attached to your mobile devices, after all, so it’s pretty hard to leave it all behind.
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