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Video User Manual Feature Request

Request a new feature for the Video User Manuals plugin and help us to build a better plugin. The best features always come from our users.

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Remove WordPress Branding From Videos

It’s great to have all of the way available to branding the WordPress login, admin areas etc. for clients, however, the benefit of this is severely diminished by the fact that the videos have a WordPress install with the standard WordPress branding on it. Would it not make sense to make the branding in the videos as generic as possible?

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Integrate with your White Label plugin

It would be awesome if this Manual plugin integrated with your White Label CMS plugin so that if features are hidden via White label, the corresponding videos are hidden too.

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Polish version

Translate the plugin to Polish language

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Create a community area to share each others custom videos and thumbnails.

Create a community area which is linked to from within the VUM admin area where we can share videos and their thumbnails we have made for areas not covered by the standard ones. Eg. how to use the menu system, how to setup NextGEN gallery etc.

Then we could just cut and past a few links to add a new community made training video and thumbnail.

The time saved being able to share each others videos and thumbnails would be significant and make the possibilities unlimited.

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I like the handling of this plug-in and I’d love to use it, but it seems not to be designed for a multisite environment. At least, it never claims to work that way.

Can you please make it work in a multisite environment?

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gravity forms

Gravity Forms videos – I know this is a complex plugin that can do many things but i use it on all my sites and i would love to have even some basic videos – perhaps structured like this:
-making forms: basic – standard and advanced fields
-making forms: intermediate – conditional fields
-managing forms: entries, notifications, confirmations
-add-ons – a quick overview of all the other kinds of things that can be done

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Option To Add Custom User Manuals

An option to add custom user manuals so we could add instructions to use custom functionality we’ve built for clients. We just upload it to Amazon S3 in the appropriate format and link it so it works just like the user manual that comes with the plugin.
**Bonus points if we can integrate it into the existing manual. I.e. allow current manual to dynamically pull content into a custom manual section.

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Tips & Tricks Videos

I think you should put in the tips and tricks section of videos. For instance, uploading a PDF and making a link to it. (My clients repeatedly have trouble with this, and I am having to show every one how to do it more than once!)

Maybe you could ask some of us users for ideas about tips and tricks to include.

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Show videos in admin contextual help menus

Integrate videos into ‘help’ tabs in context.

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Dutch translations of the videos

Hi! We like your videos, but our clients only speak dutch. Will there videos translated to dutch? We might help.

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Option to Remove Written Manual

The option to remove the written manual.

I’ve already downloaded and like the videos but it doesn’t make sense to be able to remove videos of features we don’t want clients using and to hide features using the White Label CMS Plug In only to have show the full manual as part of the plug in. Then clients will wonder or ask why they don’t have “full access”.

I think the written manual is more of an add on.

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WooCommerce Videos Please

Would love to see WooCommerce videos

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WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast please!

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Add Menus Video Manual

We use Video User Manuals in conjunction with White Label CMS. We use White Label to allow the Editor User access to the Menus, so they can modify the navigation themselves, however there is no Video Manual for how to manage the menus. It would be great if this plugin could recognise the capabilities that your other plugin can give the editor, and make additional manuals for these features.

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Spanish version of this plugin

It would be great to have a version of this plugin in Spanish

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Add config option to change the menu position

In your demo you have the Manual options just below the dashboard, but when installed it defaults to the bottom.

I know it’s trivial to edit line 13 of plugin.php, but I will be installing this on a lot of sites and I would rather not have to remember to do that on all of our sites every time there is an update.

Super awesome product BTW!

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French version

Plugin translated to french

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Editing Profile page

Anything in the works to edit the “Profile” page of subscribers?

There seems to be many who do not want subscribers to access that section, and many have used “Hide Admin” and other plugins that hide the bar. That, however, is causing problems when someone used the “lost password” links and can’t get into the profile panel to make the change, or reset.

Like me, I don’t them accessing that profile page for that, but would love to be able to eliminate much of the other info in there like all the website and social media links color picker, etc…

Even calling it a “Profile” page causing confusion in my site as it is a directory site that they have created a listing or profile on.
So seeing that admin bar with the Welcome dropdown that reads “edit my profile” is not good.

OK thanks for reading my ramble, but did want to give a clear understanding of what I mean.

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Insert developer branding on front-end

WLCMS is used by primarily by website developers. Allowing the easy insertion of developer branding on front-end – as the final html on every page below the footer, seems like a natural fit with this plugin. I understand that WLCMS is a back-end tool, but this would be a great advantage for users. Thanks for considering this as a new feature.

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Add A Category To A Menu

I think a lot of users will want to know how to add category to the menu. Often time I find new users create pages for the category not knowing/understand how WordPress menu works.

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Add support for Wistia Embed codes

Add Support for Wistia Embed codes

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User module for editors

Is there any possibility of adding the User module for editors? We run a private community forum and don’t allow public registrations. It would be good if site editors were able to add/modify/delete forum users without being give admin access. Just a thought… 🙂

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